Roundabout Ramble

Name: Roundabout Ramble by Haiselden family
No. Caches Found: 36
Distance: 7.5 Miles
Location: Avening, Gloucestershire Map
First in Series: GC65WTJ
Walked on: 21st February 2016

About the Series: Information taken from the cache description:-

The ‘Roundabout Ramble’ is a figure-of-eight walk centred on the Avening Roundabout. The Roundabout is a circular clump of beech trees set on a plateau above Avening village. Its origin is shrouded in mystery and it looks particularly beautiful in winter when the branches are bare.

The ramble consists of a mixture of thirty-three caches, plus a bonus cache, it can either be done as a figure-of-eight of nearly seven miles or as two separate rounds of approximately three miles each. Information regarding the bonus cache is hidden in two caches.

The ramble is mainly on footpaths and quiet lanes. Some paths can be muddy at times and there are several stiles. There is a fairly steep start to the ramble up through the village before the route flattens out on the plateau.

#1 Roundabout Ramble GC65WTJ Found it
I parked along the High Street and made my way up the hill to no.1. It was a blustery, drizzly day as I set out on the series today. I passed an old and very unusual door to someones back yard as I walked along the High street. As I reached the first cache a local muggle came out from their house and started up their car. I quickly grabbed the cache and signed the log sheet as they got in the car and drove off.1st cache of the day found at 9:18:00 AM

#2 Roundabout Ramble GC65WTT Found it
I had to double back a little bit and then made my way up through the houses along the little footpath to get to Tetbury Hill above the village. The view over the roof tops as I went up the hill was brilliant.2nd cache of the day found at 9:24:00 AM

#3 Roundabout Ramble GC65WTX Found it
A short walk along the pavement before taking a bridle way to no.3.3rd cache of the day found at 9:31:00 AM

#4 Roundabout Ramble GC65WV3 Found it
A nice gentle up hill walk to no.4 and surprisingly the path was in very good condition. I’d imagine on a clear day there would be some good views, but not today unfortunately, its very misty. The hedgerow sheltered me from the strong south westerly wind but at GZ it was very blustery.4th cache of the day found at 9:36:00 AM

#5 Roundabout Ramble GC65WV8 Found it
The strong wind blew the misty rain right into my face, but thankfully it wasn’t too cold out today.5th cache of the day found at 9:43:00 AM

#6 Roundabout Ramble GC65WV9 Found it
The wind seems to have stronger and the mist wetter. It was a mini test of endurance across the exposed muddy field to reach no.6.6th cache of the day found at 9:50:00 AM

#7 Roundabout Ramble GC65WVE Found it
After crossing the slippery field, I was onto a small lane heading directly into the wind.7th cache of the day found at 9:56:00 AM

#8 Roundabout Ramble GC65WVG Found it
I continued down the lane passing a couple of horses. The cache wasn’t immediately obvious but I trusted the GPS and soon had no.8 located.8th cache of the day found at 10:01:00 AM

#9 Roundabout Ramble GC65WVJ Found it
I carried on further up the lane passing a very nice old farm house where a couple of stone sheep were on guard duty outside.9th cache of the day found at 10:07:00 AM

#10 Roundabout Ramble GC65WVM Found it
A bit further along the lane and then off to the side of the road where there was a bit of shelter from the wind at no.10.10th cache of the day found at 10:12:00 AM

#11 Roundabout Ramble GC65WVP Found it
Still on the same road and not a single car along here. It was still windy and drizzly but enjoying the walk.11th cache of the day found at 10:17:00 AM

#12 Roundabout Ramble GC65WVQ Found it
A nice quick find at number 12 just off the side of the road.12th cache of the day found at 10:21:00 AM

#13 Roundabout Ramble GC65WVZ Found it
It was extremely breezy as I walked along a muddy track to number 13. The wind made a terrific noise as it rushed through the tops of the trees.13th cache of the day found at 10:32:00 AM

#14 Roundabout Ramble GC65WW1 Found it
It seemed to more sheltered along this section as I headed down hill.14th cache of the day found at 10:39:00 AM

#15 Roundabout Ramble GC65WWE Found it
An easy going section down hill, just had to take care not to slip over.15th cache of the day found at 10:44:00 AM

#16 Roundabout Ramble GC65WWG Found it
After walking down the muddy track the next path was in much better condition but perhaps doesn’t get used as much. No.16 was very ingenious an worthy of favorite point.16th cache of the day found at 10:53:00 AM

#17 Roundabout Ramble GC65WWJ Found it
A nice short climb up the hill with some great Cotswold views at the top by the gate.17th cache of the day found at 11:00:00 AM

#18 Roundabout Ramble GC65WWN Found it
A nice walk across the pasture with a single horse in the field, who decided to trot over to see what I was up to. I had to get him to move out of the way so that I could get at the cache.18th cache of the day found at 11:07:00 AM

#19 Roundabout Ramble GC65WWR Found it
A nice easy find once I found my way through the farm.19th cache of the day found at 11:13:00 AM

Cherington Lake GC1V2VB Found it
A slight detour off the Roundabout Ramble and a relief to drop down the hill out of the wind for a bit. It took a few moments to find the right spot. After find the cache I found a little spot with a view of the lake and stopped for a cup or two of coffee before recommencing my walk.20th cache of the day found at 11:27:00 AM

#20 Roundabout Ramble GC65WWX Found it
I took a detour to the lake on the way to this one, so I had a little up hill walk. A nicely disguised cache.21st cache of the day found at 11:54:00 AM

#21 Roundabout Ramble GC65WWZ Found it
It was a blustery walk across the field to no.21.22nd cache of the day found at 12:00:00 PM

#22 Roundabout Ramble GC65WX1 Found it
A straight forward walk from the last one, but it was even more windy at number 22. I realised here that there was some catchers ahead of me.23rd cache of the day found at 12:06:00 PM

#23 Roundabout Ramble GC65WX2 Found it
I turned a corner on to a muddy track and then picked up the final set of co-ordinates for the bonus.24th cache of the day found at 12:11:00 PM

#24 Roundabout Ramble GC65WX6 Found it
I carried on along the muddy track, keeping to the side where every possible.25th cache of the day found at 12:18:00 PM

#25 Roundabout Ramble GC65WX8 Found it
A nice quick find a bit further along the slippery track.26th cache of the day found at 12:26:00 PM

#26 Roundabout Ramble GC65WX9 Found it
I continued along the track, but it was a bit more slippery this time.27th cache of the day found at 12:31:00 PM

#27 Roundabout Ramble GC65WXA Found it
I eventually made it to the end of the track and back on to a solid road. Thankfully this one wasn’t too difficult.28th cache of the day found at 12:37:00 PM

#28 Roundabout Ramble GC65WXJ Found it
I left the electricity station behind and continued up the road and then back on to the muddy track that I walked along earlier in the morning. The wind was no calmer, if anything it was even more blustery and noisy. I soon found the cache, nice little fellow.29th cache of the day found at 12:46:00 PM

#29 Roundabout Ramble GC65WXQ Found it
I turned off the tree lined track into a field and head on into the wind and mist that was blown into my face as I walked.30th cache of the day found at 12:56:00 PM

#34 Roundabout Ramble Bonus GC65WYD Found it
A slight detour from the series having worked out the final position earlier. What a huge cache this one was, really great.31st cache of the day found at 1:04:00 PM

Avening #3 GC1TBN0 Found it
Just picking this one up as I’m passing by. There are some good views to be had by standing on top of the stile.32nd cache of the day found at 1:12:00 PM

#30 Roundabout Ramble GC65WXW Found it
I made my way down hill, picking up the last few caches. I could see the tops of the houses in the village once again. I felt sorry for a small herd of cattle in a field up to their knees in mud as they fed on the hay.33rd cache of the day found at 1:17:00 PM

#31 Roundabout Ramble GC65WXZ Found it
I headed down Mays Lane, a nice solid road. Getting closer to the village and the end of the series.34th cache of the day found at 1:21:00 PM

#32 Roundabout Ramble GC65WY1 Found it
The penultimate cache of the series provided a nice seat to rest on whilst I signed the log sheet.35th cache of the day found at 1:26:00 PM

#33 Roundabout Ramble GC65WY3 Found it
I eventually made it to the last cache of the series passing the memorial and pub on the way, which seemed to have two names! I really enjoyed the series, it was a little challenging in the muddy and windy conditions but well worth doing.My photos can be found [url=] here[/url]36th cache of the day found at 1:33:00 PM