Winchcombe, Cotswolds

Name: Winchcombe by HKMHill
No. Caches Found: 25
Distance: 8 Miles
Location: Winchcombe, Cotswold Map:
First in Series: GC5MCQ7
Livestock: Sheep and more sheep
Walked on: 1st March 2015
Terrain: hilly
Flickr Picture Gallery: Click Here

Another wonderful series in the Cotswold, this time along the Winchcombe way,  I always expect good things from a walk in the Cotswolds and this series didn’t disappoint me in the slightest it is truly an area of outstanding natural beauty.

W 1 – Decon GC5MCQ7 Found it
Having enjoyed several other HKMHill series recently, when I heard that this one was going to be published I could hardly wait, but I had to until today when I had the first opportunity to get out. It was a beautiful start to the walk, despite the blue sky and sunshine there was a bitterly chill from the wind that surprised me as I go out of the car. I parked the car a little way up the road and then walked down the single width lane and onto the footpath. The track that lead to GZ was very muddy and I passed by some sheep grazing near the haybarn. 1st cache of the day found at 10:26:00 9929th overall find.

W 2 – Stones GC5MCR4 Found it
It was very picturesque walking along this section of Gloucestershire and Winchcombe Way and I could see for miles across the valley. It was still a little windy but I was starting to warm up now.2nd cache of the day found at 10:37:00 9930th overall find.

W 3 – Stone Slab GC5MCR9 Found it.
It was really lovely walking along the Winchcombe way which we continued along passing through Little Farmcote and the resident barking dogs. Then the trail turned onto a road and headed up hill slightly.3rd cache of the day found at 10:54:00 9931st overall find.

W 4 – Turn Right GC5MGD7 Found it
Continuing along a Roman Road called the Salt Way to the top hill for the next cache.4th cache of the day found at 11:00:00 9932nd overall find.

W 5 – Old Steps GC5MGDF Found it
The trail turned westward and as I turned I took the full force of the wind blew into my face, my eyes now watering. Still on the Winchcombe way, once again a little muddy bit muddy and passing some sheep on the other side of a stone wall I arrived at an unusual stone stile.5th cache of the day found at 11:08:00 9933rd overall find.

W 6 – Hollow Tree GC5MGDJ Found it
There were some more lovely views as I came down Dunn’s Hill a very enjoyable start to the walk.6th cache of the day found at 11:19:00 9934th overall find.

W 7 – Big Trunk GC5MGQE Found it
The trail continued down Dunn’s Hill and the roof tops from Winchcombe village came into view. What a good cache.7th cache of the day found at 11:25:00 9935th overall find.

W 8 – Bridge GC5MGQK Found it
The wind had died down somewhat as I reached the bottom of the hill. The stream was running gently under the bridge.8th cache of the day found at 11:33:00 9936th overall find.

W 9 – Take A Seat GC5MGT8 Found it
I saw my first lambs of spring as I walked across the parkland. Thankfully no muggles at the bench so I was able to retrieve the cache and also have short rest.9th cache of the day found at 11:43:00 9937th overall find.

W 10 – New Bridge GC5MGTK Found it
It was rich with muggles in the park, some not walking very fast at all! I has to stall a while to enable some of them to move on before I could locate the cache.10th cache of the day found at 11:54:00 9938th overall find.

W 11 – Red and White T GC5MGVB Found it
An unusually named road! This marked the turning point in the trail, about half way round.11th cache of the day found at 11:58:00 9939th overall find.

W 12 – No Motors GC5MJDH Found it
The track was in good condition and lead me straight to the next cache.12th cache of the day found at 12:04:00 9940th overall find.

W 13 – Crack GC5MCRG Found it
It was still a nice afternoon at this point and the trees created some shelter from the wind so I could take my hat off for a while.13th cache of the day found at 12:10:00 9941st overall find.

W 14 – Big ICT GC5MN3H Found it
Continuing on the Winchcome way it gradually got steeper. There are lots of sheep on this walk and several stiles too.14th cache of the day found at 12:16:00 9942nd overall find.

W 16 – Stile (Turn Right) GC5MN3W Found it
Having looked for number 15 without joy, I had to move away when some muggles and then the farmer came along. I didn’t need to go far to reach no. 16.15th cache of the day found at 12:29:00 9943rd overall find.

W 15 – Oz GC5MJDX Didn’t find it
Back to number 15 for another search and it beat me hands down. I couldn’t think what the hint meant and I didn’t want to waste too much time here as the weather was looking less than promising now.

W 17 – Roots GC5MN4E Found it
There was a very steep climb up hill to number 17, I think there was a slightly easier way up.16th cache of the day found at 12:52:00 9944th overall find.

W 18 – Bit of A Climb GC5MN4P Found it
There would have been some great views from number 18 if it wasn’t for the light rain that was now creeping in. I loved what you had done here with the cache and it is worthy of a favorite point.17th cache of the day found at 13:03:00 9945th overall find.

W 19 – Big Log GC5MN68 Found it
It was very chilly walking across the hill side.18th cache of the day found at 13:08:00 9946th overall find.

W 20 – Orchard Entry GC5M6MP Found it
The trail crossed over the road and then across the field to the entrance to the orchard. After finding the cache I decided to stop a while under the nearby shelter and have a snack, when I emerged the weather seemed a little better.19th cache of the day found at 13:13:00 9947th overall find.

W 21 – Fallen Branch GC5M6MY Found it
A down hill walk through the orchard, I don’t think I properly followed the path.20th cache of the day found at 13:29:00 9948th overall find.

W 22 – Natural Seat GC5M6N2 Found it
That was definitely the steepest hill climb of the whole series, it made me realise how unfit I had become, on a clear day the views would be amazing.21st cache of the day found at 13:41:00 9949th overall find.

Church Micro 7237…Farmcote GC5M6N7 Found it
A less strenuous walk to Farmcote and then a short hill climb again to GZ but once again the views reward the hard work getting here.22nd cache of the day found at 13:55:00 9950th overall find.

W 23 – ICT GC5MCP7 Found it
Back down the hill and along the road which was most welcome for tired legs. From here I could see across the valley to the track that lead the way out the trail this morning, unfortunately it was somewhat nicer weather at that time.23rd cache of the day found at 14:02:00 9951st overall find.

W 24 – You’re A Doll GC5MCPC Found it
A long walk across a muddy ploughed field to reach the last of the Traditional caches. Another wonderful series along the Winchcombe way, it was a shame the weather didn’t hold out all day but that said it was much better than I thought it was going to be when I set out. I messed up somewhere on the bonus and had a dnf at number 15 but apart from that the caches were nicely placed and easy to find and there were one or two special caches along the way. I always expect good things from a walk in the Cotswolds and this series didn’t disappoint me in the slightest it is truly an area of outstanding natural beauty.24th cache of the day found at 14:19:00 9952nd overall find.

# 22 Container Themed Cache GC5MNC4 Found it
A nice little extra on the way back to the car.25th cache of the day found at 14:29:00 9953rd overall find.