Toy Story

Name: Toy Story by Tim’n’Marion
No. Caches: 38
Distance: 8 miles
Location: Tytherington, Avon Map: Link
First in Series: GC5BAKB
Livestock: Sheep
Walked on: 2nd January 2015
Weather: 8°c, clear & sunny
Terrain: Flat, Farmland & country lanes
Parking: Tytherington
Picture Gallery: Click Here
Everytrail: Click Here for the route

A great series, a nice walk and some great caches. Clearly a lot of thought and effort has gone into making this series. It was very wet and quite muddy across the fields in some places but with care it wasn’t too difficult to navigate. The caches were all placed to be found which is what I like and the hints were really good too. There were several fields with sheep but we didn’t come across any with cows. The terrain is generally flat and there aren’t any big hills to climb. Wear good boots in the winter.

Toy Story number 1 Woody GC5BAKB Found it
Parked on the side of the road, on the hill in the village. A nice sunny day and much warmer than the last time we were out caching. I was much later starting than I had planned so I was pleased that that this was a nice quick find to get started.

Toy story number 2 Buzz Light-year GC5DT8E Found it
We walked around the edge of the field, there wasn’t really much of a path so we just headed towards GX. QEF.

Toy Story number 3 Jessie GC5DTAG Found it
We continued across the field and arrived a track. The cache was placed nicely for a quick find. I turned away to sign it as the farmer was working further back along the track.

Toy Story number 4 Rex GC5DTF6 Found it
.. under the railway bridge now and another QEF here. It looked like we had to go back under the railway bridge and along the eastern side of the disused railway track but it seemed odd that the cache would have been placed on the western side.

Toy Story number 5 Slinky Dog GC5DTFZ Found it
Back on the otherside of the railway there was quite a well defined path which led us directly to the cache.

Toy Story number 6 Hamm GC5DYK5 Found it
We continued along the edge of the railway to get to number 6 and another quick find.

Little Bridges 342 Toy Story 7 Mr Potato Head GC5E0PD Found it
I decided that I no longer needed to wear my gloves as it was actually quite warm walking out here today although it is a little windy every now and then. In an attempt to try and keep clean, we walked around the edge of the field rather than cutting across it. The water level was almost up to the bridge another foot or so and it would be over the top. The cache was safe and sound and dry though.

Toy Story number 8 Mrs Potato Head GC5E0QJ Found it
A decent grassy field now to walk across. Several sheep were in the adjacent field graving. It’s been a nice flat walk so far. QEF.

Toy Story number 9 Aliens GC5E2DB Found it
We followed the path around the edge of the field now, the farmer has left just enough room for us to walk along. A straight forward find at GZ.

Toy Story number 10 Barbie GC5E2FT Found it
Going well now and making good progress as we walk around the fields. GZ was a little bit flooded but the cache was placed sufficiently high enough to stay dry.

Toy Story number 11 Bo Peep GC5E47Q Found it
A change of direction now but we still chose to walk around the edge rather than across the field which would have been quite muddy. The farmer has not been helpful by tying the gates into the next field.

Toy Story number 12 Bullseye GC5E48P Found it
We eventually managed to get through the gates and thist time we had no choice but to walk across the wet field. A quick find before we left this field through a very muddy gate.

Toy Story number 13 Bonnie Anderson GC5FFJX Found it
So another muddy footpath led us to GZ although it wasn’t as wet as the last. Really enjoying the walk, plenty of sunshine and blue skies.

Toy Story number 14 Wheezy GC5E4AV Found it
Across another field to reach the road. QEF.

Toy Story number 15 Sarge GC5EBY9 Found it
Pip back on her lead to walk along the road section. Plenty of brambles around GZ so made sure I had some gloves on. QEF.

Toy Story number 16 Sid GC5EBYP Found it
Onto a bridleway now. Plenty of sheep around in the fields. QEF.

Toy Story number 17 Hanna GC5EBZR Found it
Through the gate and into a field which was home to some sheep. They didn’t seem to be bothered by us as I signed the log sheet they just stood there watching, probably seen it all before!

Little Bridges 346 Toy Story 18 Trixie GC5FFMZ Found it
I was halfway to number 19 when I realised that I had missed this one out so had to back track. Another stream filling up well but once again the cache was safe and dry.

Little Bridges 343 Toy Story 19 Shark GC5EC0F Found it
We walked back through the sheep field across some more mud to get to GZ. After signing the log sheet I decided that the little wall by the stream looked a good place to sit for some a break.

Toy Story number 20 Rocky Gibraltar GC5EDCK Found it
Suitably refreshed with some sandwiches and coffee we set off again. It seemed a little bit colder now and the wind was definately stronger. QEF.

Toy Story number 21 Robot & Snake GC5EEY6 Found it
Through another field to get to GZ. I came at this from the back for some reason which was much harder work than approaching it from the front. QEF.

Toy Story number 22 Mr Spell GC5EEYT Found it
Through another wet field and muddy gate entrance to get to GZ. A short reach through the fence and the cache was in hand. Looks like the sheep like to hang out here too.

Toy Story number 23 Troll GC5EEZG Found it
We ended up trapsing through a quagmire at the bottom of the field, probably the muddiest field I’ve been though of late. We sunk right into the mud and when I pulled my boot out it made a loud slurping noise. QEF at the top of the hill near the derelict cottage.

Toy Story number 24 Lenny the Binoculars GC5EEZW Found it
After the worst track of the day we then walked along the best track. QEF.

Toy Story number 25 Roly Poly Clown GC5EF4X Found it
Nice to be out of the fields now, QEF.

Toy Story number 26 R C Car GC5EF5E Found it
Through some outbuildings and onto a very narrow lane. QEF.

Little Bridges 344 Toy Story 27 Barrel of Monkeys GC5ERP1 Found it
Along the tarmac lane to GZ. I followed the hint then scratched my head. Thent the penny dropped what an excellent twist! Top engineering. Fav Point.

Toy Story number 28 Hockey Puck GC5ERQK Found it
Along the lane for another quick find.

Toy Story number 29 Troikas GC5ERRR Found it
A bit further down the lane and another easy cache.

Toy Story number 30 Chuckles GC5ERWC Found it
Heading towards the T junction passing Cowship Farm. QEF.

Toy Story number 31 Mr Prickepants GC5ERXG Found it
It took me a few moments to work out what I was supposed to be doing as there wasn’t any instructions on the cache page but then I noticed to waypoints on the map. The export from GSAK doesn’t list the additional waypoints unless they are also contained in the descriptions. So I had to back track a little to begin finding the clues. I’m never sure that I’ve done these multi’s right but when I got to GZ the cache was quickly found and I was very pleased with myself.

Toy Story number 32 Buttercup GC5F4CY Found it
Walked along the path beside the road headind towards Cromhall. QEF and I wasn’t the first to have found this one today.

Little Bridges 345 Toy Story 33 Dolly GC5F4FP Found it
Up Jubilee lane passing a horse and donkey along the way. Almost run over by a reversing Land Rover too before we got to GZ. QEF.

Toy Story number 34 Peas-in-a-Pod GC5F4G4 Didn’t find it
Oh no, our only DNF. There was only one place that this could have been and lots of cacher activity.

Toy Story number 35 Stretch GC5F4GP Found it
It was a bit smelly walking past the farm as we walked the quiet lane. QEF.

Toy Story number 36 Ken GC5F4H6 Found it
A quick find a bit further along the lane.

Toy Story number 37 Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear (Lotso) GC5F4K3 Found it
Heading towards Tytherington now. An excellent hide and another clever cache. Fav Point.

Toy Story number 38 Big Baby GC5F4KN Found it
The last cache found before the bonus but unfortunatley I was one number missing..

Toy Story number 39 Bonus Andy GC5F07V Found it
We had to find Andy, we couldn’t leave him behind could we. Luckily the missing number didn’t cause any issues, I just guessed what it might be and it got us close enough. Found the log after 16 goes! Thanks to the CO’s for a great series, a nice walk and some great caches. Clearly a lot of thought ane effort had gone into the making of the series. It was wet and muddy across the fields in parts but it could have been a lot worse. The caches were placed to be found which is what I like and the hints were really good too. There were lots of sheep in the fields but we didn’t come across any cows today thankfully. A very flat walk and no big hills. Where good boots in the winter.

Church Micro #4215 Tytherington GC4MXAM Found it
Saved this one for the way back to the car. It was nice to sit down after our long walk. It didn’t take long to find although it wasn’t exactly as per the hint.