Thames Path Abingdon and Back

Name: Thames Path Abingdon & Back by Various Cachers
No. Caches: 36
Distance: 11.5 miles
Location: Oxfordshire Map: Link
First in Series: I started here
Livestock: None
Walked on: 30th December 2014
Weather: -2c, cloudy & cold, sun in the afternoon
Terrain: River path, street walking
Parking: Abingdon Pay & Display
Picture Gallery: Click Here

I wasn’t having much luck finding a series of reasonable numbers, distance and proximity to my home within a reasonable traveling distance anyway.  So whilst searching the map I spotted several caches along the Thames Path starting at Abingdon.  I worked out that I could walk northwards along the river path for about 6 miles then cut back through the village of Radley back to Abingdon.

I measured the route to be about 10 miles it ended up being about 11.5 miles and by the time we got back to the car at the end of the day the sun was almost gone.  It was chilly and also cloudy most of day which kept the temperatures down but it was dry and that’s what counts in my book. I’d rather have it cold than rainy any day. The walk along the canal towpath was really enjoyable, with plenty of wildlife to watch along the way.

There were a variety of caches and difficulties being made up of several cache owners but most were easy to find apart from the 3 dnf’s I had!  Pip was tired out by the time we got back to the car after 5 1/2 hours.

William and Huw GC57HTX Found it
Parked in the Pay & Display near to Rye Farm, £3.80 up to 6 hours. Worked out a route that should take about 5 hours walking along The Thames path then back again through Radley. This wasn’t where I thought it was going to be.

Locked up in Abingdon GC17KTN Found it
A quick find on a crisp morning after walking along the track from Abingdon.

A. Weir’d View GC126A6 Found it
Made sure that Pip was safely on her lead before we crossed the Weir which looked dangerously strong. Kept an eye on a few muggles that were chatting further up the path but far enought away.

REALLY SideTracked – Abingdon 2 GC1W96F Found it
Crossed over another bridge and heading away from the weir on the cycle path. I like the cycle path sign here. Some muggles came along whilst I was signing the log sheet so had to move away until they had gone so as not to give the location away.

REALLY SideTracked – Abingdon 3 GC1W96R Found it
A nice walk along Barton Lane, I kept one eye open for any potential muggles that may come around the corner.

Thames Path – Floodproof GC4PYCF Found it
We left Barton Lane Cycle Path at this point and cut through along the muddy track which was fortunately frozen this morning. We followed the windy path until we got to GZ and quickly spotted the target. I had to be careful climbing up as the branches had some frost on them this morning making them a bit slippery. Every now and again we would hear the ice cracking on the nearby water from the weight of the branches, very off putting.

You Choose! GC5F3GM Found it
We continued walking along the frozen footpath and bush whacked through the woodland to reach the area. I couldn’t find it straight away so had to make a wide search before it became visible.

Thames Path – Abingdon Branch GC4FMY4 Found it
We made our way back out of the woods and back onto the path which led us to this cache.

The Thames Towpath walk, going in the trees. GC16FZ8 Found it
There was a little bit of distance between caches this time but it is a nice walk so didn’t mind too much. I think Pip would like it a bit warmer.

Howard GC4QAER Found it
A nice walk along Thames Path this morning, we went under a large iron railway bridge on the way to this cache. Love this series too.

Leonard GC4QAED Found it
Continuing a bit further down the Thames Path and quite a distance between caches. Some shooting stared nearby which spooked Pip and she started shaking.

Bernadette GC4QAE6 Found it
More guns going off as we walked the Thames Path to this cache.

Raj GC4QADR Found it
Still the occasional gun going off but we are moving away from them now.

Penny GC4QADE Found it
My favourite character! I don’t know why. The guns have almost stopped now.

Sheldon GC4QADB Found it
As we arrived at GZ so did some muggles so grabbed the cache as I walked past and then walked back after they had gone to replace it. I couldn’t find the way across to Amy so moved on down the path.

Chloe, Laura and Amys Thames view cache 3 GC4D9F2 Found it
We stopped for lunch and a sit down on one of the benches at the Boat House. As foretasted the sun came out just after we set off again. A nice spot for the cache.

Chloe, Laura and Amys Thames view cache 2 GC4D9ER Found it
Had to use all my powers of observation to find this one. The co-ords were spot on fortunately which made it a bit easier but it blended in well.

Chloe, Laura and Amys Thames view cache GC4D9EJ Found it
A few muggles on bikes and then some on foot passed us coming from the opposite direction. The container is now in a plastic bread bag which looks like trash unfortunately.

Messing about by the river GC2W97E Found it
A few more muggles coming the other way, this is the most people we have seen all day. There were a few swans sitting in the field on the other side of the bank and a Robin perching on a branch near to GZ.

Messing about by the river 2 – Thames view GC3E7Y2 Found it
Spotted a Heron on the way to this on and stopped and watched it taking a sip of water from the river. Sneaky hide.

Sandford Lock GC3EATX Found it
We had almost completed the outward leg of the walk at this point. The log sheets were all full so left a new one that I had with me which should keep it going for a while longer. It was very busy around the lock as seems a popular starting point for walkers.

Trainspotting GC2VQER Found it
We took a little detour off the route to grab this one, we were so close to it that I couldn’t resist. Nearly muggled by a jogger.

Trainspotting 2 – Trackside view GC3APZF Found it
Back on course again and another quick find as we begin the return journey back to Abingdon. Struggled a little getting to the cache as the branches from the host was doing it’s best to stop me.

Anyone for conkers? GC3APZK Found it
A quick find after cross the field which was very slippery now that the sun has thawed the mud a little.

on yer bike GC4C1FP Found it
We crossed the road and took the path alongside the edge of the main road. A great hide.

On yer bike 2 GC4C1G8 Found it
Another quick find as we walked alongside the main road on the path. The sun was still shinning but I sensed it would soon start going down.

On yer bike 3 GC4C1GQ Didn’t find it
This was the first DNF of the day so we had done well. I looked in all possible spots but no joy.

The gate GC4C1H4 Found it
This time the cache was exactly where I should have been. We had reached the edge of Radley at this point.

Sue’s 50 -27 (Nip) GC46VPC Found it
We picked this one up as we walked through the village, it took a while to locate this one as the cache looks like it may have drifted a bit.

Trainspotting 3 – The train now departing.. GC3G8H7 Found it
This one took me ages to find but then it is a 4 start difficulty. I had an idea of what I was looking for and where it would be but it still took a while before it came into view, I could have easily given up on this but kept looking.

Special delivery GC4TGRB Didn’t find it
I expected this one to be a quick find judging what is nearby but the co-ordinates took us further away. I didn’t like to search for too long.

Radley village hall GC3BGZX Found it
After a DNF at the last one we continued on to the village hall. I had to leave Pip tied up outside the part as there are lots of signs saying that dogs were not permitted due to a local bylaw! The attributes say dogs were allowed which confused me a bit! As it happens it seems that there are two fields and the one be the village hall dogs are forbidden but the other one would have been ok if we had come in from another direction. Any way no matter I went in, found the cache and returned to a waiting Pip.

The Abingdon outskirts ramble GC16TZK Didn’t find it
Another DNF here for me. It was surprising how busy it was with muggles here and it was difficult to get into from the road so we left this one behind to be found by the next cacher.

REALLY SideTracked – Abingdon 5 GC1W96Z Found it
A long walk between caches on our way back to the car. It was nice walking between the lakes and the sun was setting at this point making a nice sunset.

Thrupp lake 1, the small one. GC3AA7G Found it
A found myself on the wrong track so I had cut through the centre line to get to the cache.

REALLY SideTracked – Abingdon 4 GC1W96V Found it
This one marked the last find of a long day we walked between 11.5 to 12 miles in 5 1/2 hours by the time we got back to the car and had a great day out.