Woods Around Goring

Name: Woods Around Goring by rosela
No. Caches: 35
Distance: 7-8 miles
Location: Oxfordshire
Geocaching.com Map: Link
First in Series: GC54D9K
Livestock: No
Walked on: 9th November 2014
Weather: Dry and Sunny
Terrain: mainly footpaths through the woods
Parking: In Goring
Picture Gallery: Click here

A wonderful series which I really enjoyed. I was lucky to have great weather too. This series is set out through some lovely countryside and woods and there are some great views along the way. Apart from 1 dnf, I found them all including a few not on the WAG series but were close enough to make the occasional diversion. After a slow start the caches were then nice and easy to find in the main, just a bit of GPS bounce to add to the challenge through the woods.

WAG 1 – See the light GC54D9K Found it
I parked alongside the village green where it is ok to park here at weekends and there is plenty of space provided you get there before the footballers do! From the parking spot it wasn’t far along the road and up the track before we were at the first cache and a nice quick find to start us off.

WAG 2 – Cow Hill GC54DAM Didn’t find it
Oh dear, only at no.2 and already a dnf! It was a nice walk along the narrow path up the hill. There were lots of leaves around GZ so it could have been under them somewhere but I couldn’t find it despite a lenghty search.

WAG 3 – Cleeve Corner GC54DB8 Found it
A nice walk down the hill to GZ and a good view over the houses. I think the co-ords were a little off but the clue is good enough to find the right spot.

WAG 4 – Chiltern Way Extension GC54DD8 Found it
To reach this one we had to walk along the Chiltern Way, the path ran along the back of some nice gardens. It took a few moments of frustration before I eventually found this one, as I search and pulled various bits of the host in desperation big drips kept landing on my head.

Battle Plantation GC2PRAA Found it
A nice easy find this time thankfully, there were lots of leaves covering the floor as autumn sets in.

Pixie Hideout GC4R6FG Found it
A nice sunny morning for caching and nice and dry today a bit different from yesterday. I know they say don’t count your chickens but there were several all around here!

WAG 6 – Water Break GC54DEF Found it
We picked up a couple of other caches en-route to the cache then crossed a country lane and started the walk up the hill. I quickly found the cache and then watched a pony in the nearby field enjoying the sunshine.

WAG 7 – Fuming! GC54DF1 Found it
We continued along the path, nobody about just a few horses in the field. There were some nice views every now and again over the top of the hedgerow.

Wroxhills Wood – Battle Farm GC2PRCC Found it
This is a lovely wood, the floor is covered with leaves that have fallen off the trees. I wandered from tree to tree before eventually settling on the right one. The woods are nice provided you can put up with gps bounce!

WAG 9 – Sausages & Bacon! GC54DR7 Found it
A nice walk to the cache on a lovely morning. Pip the geohound is enjoying the walk too. This one made me smile, too late for breakfast! There was a great view from GZ.

WAG 10 – Track-able GC54DTF Found it
The trail up to now had been pretty good but it was a little bit more churned up along this stretch I think that is down to 4×4’s! I was expecting this to be more difficult than it was as a result of GPS bounce as there were lots more trees.

WAG 11 – Panorama GC54DW0 Found it
The track to this one was better than the last due to the gravel underneath the mud. A great view from GZ looking out to the 2 chimneys at Didcot power station. The last time that I saw it, it had two more towers. The cache was easy to find due to the water beads on the line!!

Wroxhills Wood – Plantation GC2PRBW Found it
We saw our first muggle along here, a jogger. We turned off into Wroxhill Plantation at this point and he carried on up the hill. The cache was easy to spot as it had rolled out from it’s hole a little bit.

WAG 13 – Oh deer! GC54DXQ Found it
The woodland is totally overgrown with brambles but the footpath is clear and no problem. Quick find. It was remembrance Sunday and just after 11am so we paused here to remember the fallen heroes that have made it possible for us to enjoy this wonderful pastime.

Wroxhills Wood – Battle GC2PRBM Found it
We continued through the woods, this time on a different path. A quick find and lower down than I expected.

WAG 15 – Action! GC54E1W Found it
We really are loving this walk, we certainly picked the right day the weather is lovely. A few squirrels ran across the path as we arrived at GZ. It didn’t take long to find the little fella and he made me smile. I could do with a jacket like his. Fav Point.

WAG 16 – Elvendon Valley GC54E29 Found it
A very well worn path led us to GZ an unsurprisingly so as the view along the valley is fantastic. Another fav point.

WAG 17 – Holey Post GC54E2R Found it
We kept on the path and enjoyed the open views which were even better looking back the other way into the blue sky. I’m going to give it a fav point too as I’m enjoying this section so much.

WAG 18 – Elvendon Lane GC54E34 Found it
We headed down hill to the road and I though that this was very well done I bet the landowner has no idea about this. Fav point again!

WAG 19 – Topless! GC54E3C Found it
We had a short walk along a road then through some mud at the bottom of the hill before we climbed up the gravel track to GZ where a nice large cache was waiting for us.

WAG 20 – Two Woods GC54E3H Found it
A tough up hill climb meant that I was nicely warmed up by the time that I arrived. There was lots of GPS bounce at GZ which resulted in a hunt at the wrong spot for a few minutes.

WAG 21 – Little Heath GC54E3V Found it
We finished walking up the hill in the bright sunshine which almost blinded us. Quick find.

WAG 22 – Cachin’ Cray’s! GC54E42 Found it
We crossed a quiet road and over an open field to GZ. We then soon had the cache found.

WAG 23 – Blackbird’s Bottom GC54E48 Found it
Next we arrived at Blackbirds Bottom, there is plenty of varied terrain on the route you don’t know what is coming next which adds to the adventure.

Cold Harbour GC2PA99 Found it
We took a detour off the WAG series to find this one. It was a little climb up hill passing a nice cottage then after a short hunt around I spotted the cache.

WAG 24 – Little Stumpy GC54E4J Found it
We took a detour for another cache on the way, it was only a short distance off the route. Back on the track we were enjoying the peace of the area until a chain saw started up but fortunately it didn’t last very long before peace was restored.

WAG 25 – Gateway to Great Chalk Wood GC54E4X Found it
We walked through Chalk Bottom Farm passing a nice little cottage on the way. I kept tripping over loose flint stones which were hidden under the leaves.

WAG 26 – Mighty Oak GC54QJR Found it
A very pleasant walk through the woodland, the path is very good and looks as though it gets used a lot by locals but there wasn’t anyone around today. A quick find at GZ.

Great Chalk Wood – Hanging Wood GC2PV6V Found it
Another minor detour on a Walk around Goring, this time a little up hill along a leaf covered path to GZ. There was only one place that this one could be and I soon spotted the cache.

Great Chalk Wood – Upper Gatehampton Farm GC2PV70 Found it
Another little detour of the WAG series to find this cache hidden in a lovely wood. On the way to GZ some walkers came down the hill. I wandered around for a bit trying to find a suitable host item but it’s not there, it’s been cut down but the cache is safe and sound.

WAG 27 – Thumper GC54QMH Found it
We took a detour to pick up a couple of other caches before heading to this one. A nice quick find but I need to give Pip the credit for sniffing this one out.

Great Chalk Wood – North Cottage GC2PV7E Found it
Another Great Chalk Wood cache on a walk through the woodland. A nice quick find.

WAG 29 – Combe Field View GC54TDA Found it
This one was the last one through the woodland section which we enjoyed very much. As I arrived at GZ there was a muggle looking around for things to take photos of on the woodland floor. As he turned his back I grabbed the cache and signed the log book. After leaving the wood I saw two red kite in the sky.

WAG 30 – Tracks GC54TDR Found it
We had a very steep climb up the hill this time but there were some great views at the top.

WAG 31 – Gatehampton View GC54TE4 Found it
The last cache of a wonderful series which I really enjoyed. We were lucky to have great weather too. The series is set out through some lovely countryside and woods and there are some lovely views along the way. Apart from 1 dnf, I found them all including a few not on the series but were close enough by to make the occasional diversion. After a slow start the caches were then nice and easy to find in the main, just a bit of GPS bounce to add to the challenge through the wood. Thanks for a wonderful series and a lovely walk this morning. Pip thought it was great as there were no stiles or cows.