Geocaching in Rhodes

Whenever I go on holiday I like to explore a bit of the country I’m visiting, I get bored laying by the pool for too long, and what better way than using the best travel guide there is ….! This year I’m holidaying on the island of Rhodes, Greece.

So, before leaving the UK, I needed to do a little preparation. Firstly I needed a map of the island showing the tracks and footpaths so searched the Internet for a free open source map and loaded it onto to both my Oregon and Montana Garmin devices, these maps are an essential part of any geocachers toolkit abroad and they are so quick and simple to install. I also needed something for offline use on my tablet so I installed GDAK (Geocaching Droid Army Knife), some more open source Android compatible maps and then copied across my GSAK Rhodes database. With GDAK installed I was able to the flight time to start planning the caches that I wanted to visit, it is much easier than using the gps.

There are only 72 caches on the island so I’m not spoilt for choice, but there is more than enough to keep me entertained whilst I’m here. There aren’t any series as such here but that doesn’t really bother me as it’s really too hot to do more than a few hours caching in the morning or early evening.  I’ve been on the island for almost a week and have been to several interesting places that I’m sure that I wouldn’t have discovered if it weren’t for geocaching. I’ve done a mix of caches from some extreme mountain hikes to some less adventurous ones that the whole family have enjoyed.

The first one that has stood out so far are GC12ZE4 Epta Piges which means seven springs in English. This is a multi cache that brought us to a natural spring that we followed through a dark 186 metre tunnel to a lake and waterfall, or as there sign says there, waterfull! The family loved this one. Read my log here.

 photo 652014182319_zps27fjtijv.jpg

The most challenging so far has been GCKW6V PROFITIS ILIAS , Archangelos, which involved an hour and half hike up the side of a mountain along a rock  trail that is rarely used and difficult to make out, but the views at the top were incredible. Read my log here

Rhodes  photo 652014181337_zpsylrhtnel.jpg

Whilst the most poinient one was GC3PWZC Tsambika
The cache is hidden near the Tsambika Monastery, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which is situated on the top of same-named mountain and 305 stairs take you to this place . You can read my log here.

 photo 652014182412_zps7m9dtswx.jpg