The Croucheston Ring – Wiltshire

Name: The Croucheston Ring by Wandering Druid
No. Caches: 28
Distance:  7 Miles
Location: Bishopstone, Wiltshire Map:
First in Series: GC51MD5
Livestock: Cows right at the end
Walked on: 3rd May 2014
Weather: Sunshine
Terrain: Very Hilly, Total Ascent 1027 feet
Parking: Village Hall
Picture Gallery: Click Here

A brilliant series – the countryside was fabulous and views were magnificent.  The uphill sections were tough but the views were great. There were lots of rape seed crops but the paths across them were wider than normal. It’s such a peaceful place, no car or road noise at all. The caches were easy to find except one which I didn’t find but probably should have looked harder as others have found since I visited. It took about 3 1/2 hours to go around but I wasn’t rushing and I stopped a lot to take lots of pictures. This is definitely on my recommended list of series.

From Croucheston the route takes us through some fields below Knighton Hill to Stoke Farthing. A steep climb to the top of Knighton Hill then followed where at the top were some commanding views over the surrounding countryside.  We passed by Knighton Hill Farm and on to Bishopstone Hollow (track) which took us back down hill again followed by a second tough hill climb heading towards Croucheston Down Farm where it was downhill all the way back home.

#1CR – Corner GC51MD5 Found it
I parked in the village hall on a nice sunny morning, I was out with Pip the geohound. It was a nice little stroll through the village passing the fishery along the way where I spotted a swan on it’s nest in the sunshine.

#2CR – Waterfall GC51ME8 Found it
We continued the stroll along the lane and a short diversion to GZ, I could hear the waterfall and loved the ornate little bridge at the entrance to the private drive. QEF.

#3CR – Fenceline GC51MEG Found it
We were now on to the path that led us into the countryside. It’s a beautiful sunny morning and blue sky with just a few wisps of white cloud. There was a good view of the trees on top of the hill that we will soon be going up.

#4CR – Stoke Farthing GC51MEW Didn’t find it
DNF. I didn’t know what the hint meant I’m afraid. I had a good look around but didn’t turn up anything here. Never mind, I enjoyed the lovely countryside, it’s very green along here at the moment. I loved the thatched cottages that were nearby too.

#5CR – Pigs Snot GC51MF7 Found it
After the dnf at no.5 this was a quick find. I enjoyed the lovely countryside, it’s very green along here at the moment. I loved the thatched cottages that were nearby too. We were now heading up Knighton Hill this was the easy bit.