Ebbesbourne Wake Amble

Name:Ebbesbourne Wake Amble by *sunflower*
No. Caches Found: 9
Distance: 1.3 Miles
Location: Wiltshire
Geocaching.com Map
First in Series: GC3G920
Walked on: 3rd May 2104

A lovely little walk with some great views at the top of the hill over looking the village below.


(1) Ebbesbourne Wake Amble GC4W67Z Found it
The 2nd Sunflower series of the day. We parked at the village hall and then walked along the road a short way to claim the first on of this series.

(2) Ebbesbourne Wake Amble GC4W686 Found it
A little bit of a frightening moment when we stepped into the field and walked along a few yards to be confronted by about 20 cows blocking out path. I continued walking towards them and they didn’t seem to be bothered about me or my dog. If they don’t run towards me, that’s usually a good sign. So I walked right through them and they parted to make way for me. The end of the path by the gate was a mud bath but I went straight through it and safely out of the gate before even thinking about finding this one. In the end a QEF.

(3) Ebbesbourne Wake Amble GC4W68K Found it
Now we headed up the hill and surprised a muggle who was out with her dogs. I was puffing a little by the time I reached GZ.

(4) Ebbesbourne Wake Amble GC4W68T Found it
We continued up “Chalky Head” along the track. There wasn’t a geo trail to give the cache away but I managed to locate nice and quickly.

(5) Ebbesbourne Wake Amble GC4W692 Found it
We eventually reached the top of the hill where there are some really great views.

(6) Ebbesbourne Wake Amble GC4W69A Found it
A nice quick find here. The location was lovely with some great views over the village and the church below.

(7) Ebbesbourne Wake Amble GC4W69P Found it
0A nice quick find at GZ. As I replaced the cache a muggle surprised me as she was being dragged down hill by her Labrador.

(8) Ebbesbourne Wake Amble GC4W69X Found it
A quick find to finish the series. I really enjoyed the walk which took about 45 minutes to get around. Apart from the well behaved cows at the start of the walk we didn’t come across any more livestock. The caches were really easy to find which meant we could enjoy the lovely countryside. Thanks for the series.

Church Micro 4873…Ebbesbourne GC4W6HH Found it
After completing the series we headed out to find this one. I missed the turning to the church and so had to back track up the lane. Nice church. A quick find but the co-ords were telling me the cache was somewhere else.