The Geoacachers Trail – Whitchurch, Shropshire

Name: The Geocachers Trail, by Sir BFG
No. Caches: 51
Distance: 12.5 Miles
Location: Whitchurch, Shropshire Map: Link
First in Series: GC470YV
Livestock: Sheep
Walked on: 19th April 2014
Weather: Cloudy
Terrain: Flat, Canal Towpaths & Footpaths
Parking: Dearford Lake
Picture Gallery: Click Here

This series when it is complete will be over 20+ miles around Whitchurch in Shropshire. I think at the time of walking there were over 70 caches but I selected a circular route that would cover about 50 of them.  Each cache will eventually be named after a Geocacher and there are still some available for nomination.

The car park at Dearnford Lakes makes a really good starting point just south of Whitchurch. There is a little series around the Lakes which I would have done if I had more time. The main feature of the series was a long stretch of the Llangollen Canal.

If you want to complete your difficulty and terrain matrix then you ought to be able to do it with this series in one fell swoop. However, if you think it is going to be easy, think again.

I loved the walk, the canal section was very pleasant and there rest of the walk was through some lovely countryside. Personally though, the high number of  high difficulty caches did get a little frustrating and by the end of the walk I had clocked up 7 dnf’s.  On a big series  like this I prefer most of them to be quick and simple, but that’s just personal choice.

Dearnford Lake~Track GC39490 Found it

We parked in the car park and walked down the drive to get this one. on the way out to the Geocacher’s Trail, I was camping in Shrewsbury, a chilly start to the day. A quick find to start the trail

1. JnK Fox (dropped catche) GC470YV Found it

From Dearnsford lake we only had a short walk down the road to this one. I guessed where it might be, so made sure Pip the geodog was in a safe place and then took off my rucksack and put on my geo gloves and headed up to find this one. The structure was moving in the wind but got to the top and located without any problem. I dropped the lid so had to go all the way back down to get it. The log book was full so I left a new sheet before putting it back. Good fun.

2. AvidSockWearer (kiwi warfrog). GC470Z6 Found it

Quick find… Sir BFG’s directions were spot on but there also now new way point signs to guide us. We headed across a ploughed field to get to GZ, pip struggled over this stile and several along the route to be fair.

3. Mo and Mike (nice one). GC470ZW Didn’t find it
Oh no, so early on and a dnf !  I had a good search but it beat me.

4. Neil Lad (hundred today). GC473D9 Found it

Continued through the field to GZ, some horses appeared on the other side of the field as I hunted out the cache. It didn’t take long to spot this one thankfully.

5. The Geocachers Trail. GC473DK Found it

Across the field to the road and the kissing gate another quick find on our walk.

6. The Geocachers Trail. GC473DX Didn’t find it
I couldn’t find this one either, I hope they get a bit easier as I’m already starting to get frustrated.

7. The Geocachers Trail. GC474VB Found it

Pip had a bit of problem with the stile along the way, lots of baa baa going on, lots of sheep with lambs in the field, think these are a little older than new born. Found this one a bit quicker.

8. The Geocachers Trail. GC473EH Didn’t find it
Another DNF!  what is wrong with me today?

9. The Geocachers Trail. GC473EC Didn’t find it
Nope not this one either! Embarrassing.