Something For Everyone (SFE)

Name: Something for Everyone, by Heidi Seekers
No. Caches: 90+
Distance: 16 Miles
Location: Whitchurch, Shropshire Map: Link
First in Series: GC4VN64
Livestock: a few sheep, 1 field with cows
Walked on: 18th April 2014
Weather: Beautifully sunny
Terrain: Mainly flat canal towpaths of quiet lanes, 1 killer hill
Parking: Grindley Brook Lock
Picture Gallery: Click here

Something for Everyone is a series of caches that has set out to accommodate many different types of cachers and it includes several types of cache types. There are many different types of hides with some very straight forward and others requiring a bit more thought or skill.  You can start anywhere but I chose to start from number one at Grindley Brook lock where there was a little tea room at the end of the walk.

The walk starts off along country lanes then picks up the Llangollen Canal at Willeymoor lock. There is a pub there that can be accessed from the canal towpath.  The walk follows the canal for a long way and winds through some lovely countryside. Today, the canal is was very popular with boaters but there were only a few walkers out and about. It got a little busier towards Wrenbury Frith where lots of boats were moored at the side of the tow path. I wonder if the couple of pubs close to the canal has something to do with it’s popularity.

Wrendbury marks the end of the canal section and almost the half way point. Between Wrenbury and Marbury the route was mainly quiet country lanes. At Marbury we joined the South Cheshire Way which took us first through some swampy marsh land then up a very big hill.  A big hill was not what we needed at the end of a long walk but the views at the top were fantastic.  After the hill it isn’t far until you reach home but first there is a field which is home to some cattle that you’ll need to pass through.

This is the longest walk that I’ve done for a while at c 16 miles and 8 hours 40 minutes  of walking so I was glad that it was pretty flat terrain apart from the killer hill towards the end! An excellent series. Definitely one of my recommended series.


SFE 02 GC4VNED Found it
1st cache of the day found at 09:48

We were out on our annual Easter camping trip, with it being later this year it was a little warmer too although a chilly start it has to be said. I was out with Pip today and hoping to bag most of the series although some would need to be left out including the Werigo because I forgot to load it, dang! I parked up at the side of the road at the end of the canal so a bit of a walk to this one, first down the road and then joining a quiet country lane.

SFE 03 GC4VNEH Found it
2nd cache of the day found at 09:51

So on to the Bishop Bennett Way, we saw lots of signs for this along the route today. QEF.

SFE 04 GC4VNEN Found it
3rd cache of the day found at 09:57

A little further along the BBW, a single track road, there were lots of sheep in the fields making a bit of noise. A nice bit of countryside. I needed some gloves to avoid being stung. It took a few moments to hunt this one out.

SFE 05 GC4VNEQ Found it
4th cache of the day found at 10:01

A QEF here after a slight incline, more of a slope really. Only one place it could have been. There were lots of sheep in the fields with their lambs.

SFE 06 GC4VNF2 Found it
5th cache of the day found at 10:05

Another QEF along the side of the road, not a single car has come along this road since we started on it. Going very well at the start of the walk.

SFE 07 GC4VNF6 Didn’t find it
A nice pleasant walk up the hill, I felt foolish not being able to find this one.

SFE 08 GC4VNFC Found it
6th cache of the day found at 10:17

The road forked and began going down hill, I spotted an unusual inscription in the lintel of a cottage, googling it later it could have engraved a couple of hundred years ago to commemorate a marriage.

SFE 09 GC4VNFG Found it
7th cache of the day found at 10:20

Still on the single track road, Pip just trotting behind, it’s so quiet she didn’t need to be on her lead. QEF and a good use of available resources.

SFE 10 GC4VNFJ Found it
8th cache of the day found at 10:24

Onto Willeymoor Lane following the Bishop Bennetts Way. QEF just before Wren cottage.

SFE 11 GC4VNFM Found it
9th cache of the day found at 10:28

We thought that we had to cross the last stile but soon realised our error. QEF as we head towards Moorhead Farm.

SFE 12 GC4VNFQ Found it
10th cache of the day found at 10:31

We had to use the gate leading to the farm as Pip couldn’t get over the cattle grid, nice quick find.

SFE 13 GC4VNFT Found it
11th cache of the day found at 10:35

For the first time on the walk we headed through a field and one with lush grass Pip thought it was ideal for grazing but no cows here to eat it today.

SFE 14 GC4VNFX Found it
12th cache of the day found at 10:45

After walking through the lush grass I wondered why the bossy bitch was in the garden? but then realized we were close to the canal! We passed the Pub which was shut which was just as well I guess! Some muggles were making their way through Willeymoor Lock which looked hard work. QEF.

SFE 15 GC4VNFZ Found it
13th cache of the day found at 10:48

We were now on to the tow path and Pip was desperate to get in but I warned her it was very deep and she probably wouldn’t get out again, it seem to do the trick for now.

SFE 16 GC4VNG3 Found it
14th cache of the day found at 10:52

It was very pleasant walking along the tow path and the boat at the lock had now caught up with me and the guy steering the boat commented on the GPS and wondered if I was geocaching and said he had found some further back up the way! He chugged past whilst I found the cache.

SFE 17 GC4VNG8 Found it
15th cache of the day found at 10:56

We headed towards Quoisley Lock in almost perfect conditions, nice and warm with lots of blue sky. Initially I hunted in the wrong place before realizing that there was more than one potential host item.

SFE 18 GC4VNGB Found it
16th cache of the day found at 11:00

Carrying along the tow path we arrived at Quoisley Lock where the earlier boat was navigating it’s way through it. We said hello again and as he knew all about geocaching I didn’t mind searching for this one. Whilst I did an old chap selling veg at the side of the towpath knew where it was and pointed it out to me and then told me where I would find the next one too.