Kington Lane Loop

Name: Kington Lane Loop , by Stag Ramblers
No. Caches: 15
Distance: 3.5 Miles
Location: Kington Grange, Warwickshire Map: Link
First in Series: GC1J9ZE
Livestock: Sheep
Walked on: 13th April 2014
Weather: Sunny
Terrain: Ascents: 390 ft, several gentle hills, muddy in places
Parking: Bottom of Track near no.1
Picture Gallery: Click Here

A lovely short walk along tracks, fields and paths starting and finishing from Kington Lane.  There are several hills along the walk but none of them were too strenuous.  The paths were nice and dry except for a section through Knowle Wood which was very wet and muddy and you’ll need walking boots through here.  Once through the muddy section the it is a lovely woodland, where the bluebells and primroses were well on their way to full bloom and the woodland floor will soon be a sea of blue.  No cows to worry about on this walk but there are plenty of sheep, watch out for the ones guarding the cache at no.6.


Kington Lane Loop No. 1 – Tattle Bank GC1J9ZE Found it
27th cache of the day found at 12:57

I parked at the bottom of the track where there was room for a few cars. This was my second series of the day having done one in the morning. It was a glorious sunny day so I thought I’d squeeze another one in before heading home. After the walk up the hill I soon located the cache, the log book was full so I left a new one.

Kington Lane Loop No. 2 – Chestnut Rise GC1J9ZM Found it
28th cache of the day found at 13:05

We continued along the track passing Chestnut Rise Farm. I was out with Pip my geohound today and needed to put her on the lead through the sheep that were in the field. Quick find.

Kington Lane Loop 3A – Gateway GC2NJAN Found it
29th cache of the day found at 13:08

We left the sheep behind and continued down hill this time along the track to GZ. A nice quick find but my GPS was pointing elsewhere.

Kington Lane Loop 4 – Ashen Coppice GC1J9ZX Found it
30th cache of the day found at 13:16

We carried on down the gravel farm track to the next cache. We were walking through some nice countryside between the hills, glad we were in the valley! Left a new log sheet here too.

Kington Lane Loop 5 – Cutlers Farm GC1JA00 Didn’t find it
A dnf here after a good search which didn’t reveal anything.

Kington Lane Loop 6 – Woodfield Hill GC1JA02 Found it
31st cache of the day found at 13:31

The walk continued down the tarmac track and through a lot of sheep who were all sitting around GZ when I arrived, they seem very brave sheep and didn’t scatter when we walked passed them.

Edstone Adventure GC16ARE Found it
32nd cache of the day found at 13:37

We left the sheep behind in the field and crossed over a bridge into a large field full of crop but the farmer has left a good path that lead us to GZ.

Kington Lane Loop 7 – Valley View GC1JA05 Found it
33rd cache of the day found at 13:42

We continued up the hill and then followed the sign posts around the edges of the field. I quickly spotted the cache, well it would have been difficult not to but it was a bit of a scramble to get to it.

Kington Lane Loop 8 – Manor Farm GC1JA07 Found it
34th cache of the day found at 13:52

There were some lovely views at the top of the hill before we dropped down a bit and on to a bridleway that was wet a muddy. I made to the cache without getting too dirty by keeping close to the edge.

Kington Lane Loop 9 – Black Beauty GC1JA0A Found it
35th cache of the day found at 14:01

The rest of the track wasn’t as muddy and then we turned on to a track going up hill. We passed Black Beauty in one of the adjacent fields.

Kington Lane Loop 10 – New Gate GC1JA0D Found it
36th cache of the day found at 14:14

We made our way upwards to Hill Farm and then turned on to a track leading down hill to Knowle’s Wood. The path was very wet a muddy along here, much worse than earlier. Pip decided to walk straight through it and sank up to her belly. The bluebells and primroses are starting to appear.  The woodland floor will soon be carpeted with them.

Kington Lane Loop 11 – Barn Top View GC1JA0F Found it
37th cache of the day found at 14:22

We continued up hill through the bluebell wood, dodging mud where ever necessary. I got a bit of GPS bounce here so it took a few moments to find the cache.

Kington Lane Loop 11B – Lazy Tree GC2NJB2 Write note
Had to leave this one out as there were some muggles milling about nearby.

Kington Lane Loop 12 – Cherry Orchard GC1JA0M Found it
38th cache of the day found at 14:30

We headed down the hill leaving the muggles behind us, a nice quick find at the bottom.

Kington Lane Loop 13 – Langley Range GC1JA0N Found it
39th cache of the day found at 14:37

A pleasant walk down hill, the sign posting was excellent and there were lots of primroses along side the path. I banged my head on a low hanging branch by the gate but it didn’t affect my vision for this one.

Kington Lane Loop 14 – End of Loop GC1JA0T Found it
40th cache of the day found at 14:50

This was tricky to find and I almost gave up when some muggles came along and I had to walk away. But I returned afterwards and found it immediately. We followed the road back to the car and I got Pip to have a paddle in the clear water of a stream at the side of the road. A nice series, just a shame about the mud in places. In a few days time, if the sunny weather continues the bluebell wood is going to look fantastic. Thanks for the series.