A bounce and a browse around Babcary

Name: Babcary Browse & Babcary Bounce, by poshrule
No. Caches: 47 / 35
Distance: 8.5 miles / 5.1 Miles
Location: Babcary, Somerset
Geocaching.com Map: Link
First in Series: Browse GC50GG8 / Bounce GC4P30E
Livestock: None
Walked on: 4th April 2014
Weather: Heavy cloud, Dry
Terrain: Footpaths & Bridleways that were heavy going in places.
Half the circuit of Babcary Browse was on road
Total Ascent:  322 ft on the Browse and 178 ft on Bounce
Picture Gallery: Click Here

The Babcary Browse and the Babcary Bounce are two series that start and finish at the Red Lion pub which provides a good base to start from.  The longer of the two series, the Babcary Browse can actually split into two routes if preferred.

Unfortunately, like most of the UK, Somerset was covered by some very heavy clouds this weekend. There were some particularly horrible black ones over us for most of the day, but luckily it stayed dry.

I chose the Babcary Browse as the first series as it’s  the longer of the two at just over 8 miles.  I set off about 10am and after an initial error taking the wrong footpath, I was soon on my way and finding the caches with ease. There was plenty of white Blackthorn blossom coming out on the trees.

From about no.14 the conditions of the paths started to deteriorate and on the way to no.15 I sank several inches into the sludge.  After no.15 conditions improved a bit until we started to climb West Camel Hill along Slate Lane where once again the track was very wet and muddy making it quite difficult to stay upright.

There was a great view of Fleet Air Museum at the top though.  The second half of the series was mostly along quiet country roads which made for easy walking.

I arrived back at the Red Lion car park about 2pm which was about 4 hours after I started. I rested for 10 minutes for lunch and a cup of coffee and then set off on the Babcary Bounce. This is the shorter of the two series at about 5 miles.  The trail set off in the opposite direction, passing the pub and a row of pretty cottages. After the 3rd cache I arrived at a Ford, it was too deep to walk through but luckily there is a bridge nearby where I could cross the the river.

By no.5 I was onto the the Macmillan Way and some more muddy conditions. Things weren’t too bad until no.9, but it was a steep climb up Hook Hill to no.10 and I found myself slipping about all over the place, lucky for me I had a walking pole with me to keep me from slipping right over.

At the top of the hill I spotted a couple of deer at the bottom and a lone deer in the field near to the geocache.  Things got easier at the top for a while. The worst we had to deal with was some long wet grass but which also had the bonus of cleaning my boots as I walked.  Then at no.23 I hit a track called “Bill’s lane”, a very wet and muddy path which had me sliding about once again. The next 7 or 8 caches were positioned all the way along the track, it was very challenging and walking was quite tough, but I made it to the end and the last few caches were nicely placed along the side of the road. I arrived back at the Pub about 5pm after finding a total of 85 caches for the day and not a single dnf.