Somerfords Series

Name: Somerfords Series, by Boid
No. Caches: 25
Distance: 5.8 Miles
Location: Somerford, Wiltshire Map: Link
First in Series: GC508G6
Livestock: Unknown, none today but suspect cattle will appear
Walked on: 23rd March 2014
Weather: Mixed Sunshine and showers
Terrain: Mainly footpaths across grass fields
Parking: Room for 2/3 cars at No.1
Total Ascent: 234 Feet, mainly flat just one hill to go and down!

We’ve been very lucky around here this week with two new series published.  I was going to do this one on Friday but it looked like rain so I held i off until today, although it still did rain at the end.  As someone commented in a log, this series has something for everyone. Although mainly traditional caches, there is a multi which includes a field puzzle and a mystery cache which requires some home work before setting out.  There is also 2 church micros, a sidetracked and a little bridges series cache along the route.  A lovely flat walk with one hill that wasn’t too challenging.  I even got an FTF at number 3!  It’s clear that a lot of thought and effort has gone into the series. The route is straight forward and easy to navigate, helped by the additional way points by the CO. There is a good mix of containers and hide difficulty to keep things interesting.  Pip enjoyed the opportunity along the route to get into the water for a paddle. Recommended.

I set out early hoping to get around before the rain came along, I almost did it but not quite.  No other cars at the starting point when I arrived this morning and the weather looked promising.

There is some nice countryside along the walk.

The trail passes a nice section of  the River Avon, but too dangerous to let Pip go in.

A pillar box left over from WWII still occupies a space in the field near Great Somerford.

Bob Shepherds Garage still remains at Little Somerford.

Somerford viaduct taking the railway across the lower ground near the river Avon with it’s13 arches.

I wonder how long this sign has been up in the woods.