Royal Air Force Lyneham

RAF Lyneham photo 1-RAFLyneham-046_zpsc449685a.jpgName: Royal Air Force Lyneham, by Bladerunner_2244
No. Caches: 21
Distance: 5.6 Miles
Location: Lyneham, Wiltshire Map: Link
First in Series: GC4YYZT
Livestock: Possible a few sheep or horses at Catcomb Farm
Walked on: 21st March 2014
Weather: Dry & Sunny
Terrain: mainly footpaths, crossing a couple of roads, a few stiles
Parking:  Outside the church in Hillmartin
Total Ascent: 55o feet

I booked a day’s holiday for today and what better way to spend it than doing a brand new local series only half an hour from home.  The met office were forecasting rain early afternoon but a sunny morning, they were right, the skies were a beautiful blue as I arrived at the parking spot in Hillmartin.

There are a couple of hilly sections on the route but nothing that should cause the average cacher any concern, plus at the top of the hills are some of the best Wiltshire views I’ve seen for a while.  The 2nd half of the trail is a little bit more difficult to navigate due to lack of sign posting and clear paths across fields, but the caches act as excellent way points so just follow them.  As a bonus, I also managed to get 2 first to find’s which was totally unexpected.

I started the walk from Hillmartin as it looked to be the obvious starting point.

From here I walked north west across several fields towards Spirithill, it wasn’t very long before I was enjoying some very nice Wiltshire countryside. The Red brick barn on top of the hill was an interesting feature.

It was a easy uphill climb to the small hamlet of Spirithill, where there was a row of old cottages one had a date stamp of 1869. The Daffodils along the stone wall were out in full bloom.


Between Spirithill and Catcomb was a brilliant view, it was a lovely clear day and I could see for miles across the countryside, this was the best part of the trail.

After helping to push a Land Rover out of the mud at Catcomb Farm the trail headed to New Zealand across the southern outskirts of the MOD land.

There was a big clear up going on at the Farm at Beacon Hill with a huge bonfire alight very close to the path.  From here the trail led us back to the red brick barn and then back to Hillmartin.

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