Honda Series


Name: Honda Series, by Marrow Bone
Caches: 25
Distance: 8 Miles
Location: Ashorne, Warwickshire Map: Link
First in Series: GC3AQAZ
Livestock: Expect sheep, cattle, geese and chickens!
Walked on: 9th March 2014
Weather: Blue skies and sunshine all day, yes another glorious day, 14°c
Terrain: easy going and generally flat
Total Ascent: 257 ft

The best weather this year, spring has definitely sprung and hopefully the wintery days are now behind us!  So, today I decided to try and cross off another couple of the brilliant Marrow Bone series starting with the Honda series.  A lovely walk starting from Ashorne Hill, a very small village in Warwickshire only consisting of a few houses. The centre of the village can be seen in the main photo above.  I decided to go around anti clockwise, although the loop can be done in either direction but I thought that I’d get the little road section out of the way at the start whilst the road was quiet, although I can’t imagine it getting very busy at anytime of the day. Overall another excellent series although we needed to cross the M40 twice which was not easy on the way back as we needed to walk along the very busy A452.  There was also a lot of forestry work in progress in Oakley wood when we did the walk and we lost sight of the footpath and ended going the wrong way.  However, on the way back we passed in front of the historic Ashorne Hill house where the present day mansion is used as a conferencing and wedding venue.

After heading out of the village along the road, we then navigated a particularly dodgy stile and took a footpath across a few farmers fields to Hogbrook Farm.  Watch out for sheep and cattle on this section.

As with many of the Marrow Bone series, the M40 needs to be crossed a couple of times, just after the first time we passed by this wonderful childs den named butterfly lodge near a humorously named Wiggerland Wood!

There were some nice paths alongside the fields as we headed towards the village of Bishop’s Tachbrook.

For some reason, that wasn’t obvious to me, there are couple of caches out on a limb requiring a bit of a detour off the trail and then it was over  a mile through the village until the next cache. There is a handy little provisions store in village where I was able to buy a bottle of water for 39p to cool Pip down on this lovely day.

At Tachbrook Farm, on the other side of the village the trail turns and heads back home and the warm sunshine had brought out the butterflies, I saw several different kinds along the walk.

The sheep were also enjoying the warmth of sun.

Unfortunately there is a very nasty section along very busy A452 which you need to take in order to cross over the M40 again.

We then crossed through Oakley wood, where a massive amount of forestry work resulted in 2 dnf’s through the this section.  We also missed the path that would have taken us into Ashorne Hill College park so we ended up bushwhacking through the wood before eventually hoping the fence to get us back on track.

The final section was through the College Park passing in front of the old building to the top of the hill where Pip found a large pond that has formed in a dip following all the rain.

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