Classic Bikes Series 1

Name: Classic Bike Series 1, by Marrow Bone
Caches: 10
Distance: 3.3 Miles
Location: Chesterton Green, Warwickshire Map: Link
First in Series: GC3HJTY
Livestock: Sheep and plenty of them!
Walked on: 9th March 2014
Weather: Blue skies and sunshine all day, yes another glorious day, 14°c
Terrain: easy going and flat
Total Ascent: 105 ft

After lunch I relocated a few mile down the road to Chesterton Green to do another or Marrow Bone’s series, Classic Bikes 1.  It was a glorious day and I didn’t want to waste the opportunity. There was precious little room in the hamlet for any cars to park so I found a wide verge at the end of Windmill Hill Farm’s drive.  A great series to finish off the day. The terrain was virtually flat and all the way around we could see the 350 year old Chesterton Windmill, one of Warwickshire’s most famous landmarks standing on top of the hill.

After parking up on at the bottom of Windmill Hill, I walked back through the village along the quiet roads.

After the dry road, we had to cross a couple of arable fields, the first I was able to take a longer route around but we had no choice but to cross through this one. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it looks here.

There were two features on this walk and both can be seen in this picture, the sheep and the windmill.

The series is no longer quite circular as several of the caches had to be removed because of the old Roman remains however, I decided to walk this section which went along the Fosse Way a short way then across fields which gave good views of the windmill and brought me nicely back to the car.

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