Queen Hits

Name: Queen Hits by Marrow Bone
Caches: 15
Distance: 4.7 Miles
Location: Lighthorne Heath, Warwickshire
Map: Link
First in Series: GC3VH6Q
Livestock: None
Walked on: 1st March 2014
Weather: Blue skies and sunshine all day, another glorious day
Terrain: Bridleways and footpaths across crop fields in places
Total Ascent:  490 Feet, quite hilly in places

After completing half of the Bone Trail, I drove a few miles down the road to Lighthorne Heath for my second series of the day. The weather was so nice that it would have been a shame to not to stay out a bit longer.  The Queen Hits series is just under 5 miles so it was the perfect length to fill the last few hours of day light.  After finding the Top Secret cache outside the Aston Martin factory, we set off on the walk.  Another circular walk along footpaths and bridleways passing by a few lakes and in one case through it! A slightly harder walk where footpaths cross over arable farmland at several points along the trail. We crossed the M40 motorway twice on the walk, which as you’d expect was quite noisy. However, there was some very nice countryside along the way and I really enjoyed the walk in the late afternoon sunshine. We had a section three quarters of the way around which was devoid of geocaches because this series overlaps on one footpath with the Classic Bikes series and I had already found all those caches a few weeks ago.  It was along this section of the walk that I spotted the large red deer standing in the middle of a crop field.

The special features along this walk are the lakes, this is one of several along the trail. The one above had over flowed onto the bank completely covering the path. Click here for a panoramic picture.

We passed through a bit of a junk yard where there were several vehicles that were slowly being eaten by the vegetation.

The trail passed through some lovely countryside and crossed over arable farmland, just like the field above. Thankfully we didn’t end up too muddy. We were heading towards Kingston Farm when I took this shot.

Another lovely little lake along the walk.

We passed over some familiar territory where some of the footpaths are shared with the Classic Bikes series, along here we saw some interesting wildlife including the Canadian and the Red Deer.

And the unusual windmill sitting on top of the hill.

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