Macmillan & Midshires Meander


Name: Macmillan & Midshires Meander
Caches: 40
Distance: 8 Miles
Location: Little Brington, Northampton
Map: Link
First in Series: GC3H1TT
Livestock: Sheep, Cows, Horses
Walked on: 3rd February 2014
Weather: Dry & Sunny
Terrain: Mainly good condition footpaths, despite recent rain. short road section. Gentle Hills
Total Ascent: 734 Feet.  Some hills, but go around in order and they aren’t too bad

For today’s trail, we headed up to a village called Little Brington which is just outside of Northampton.  January 2014 has become the wettest since records began, so I was very grateful to see that the forecast was dry and sunny day. So once again, an early start before sunrise to ensure I got the most out of the day.  Arriving at the start, I was beginning to wonder if the forecasters had got it right, it was cold, windy, overcast and even a spot of rain as I stood at the top of the hill.  I need not have been concerned as it wasn’t very long before the sun came out and treated us to a glorious morning.

I had a great walk along the Macmillan and Midshires way and enjoyed the finding all the caches, mostly quick and easy to find. The walk took me through some lovely countryside with some fantastic views at the top of Glassthorpe[Hill].

This is a figure of eight walk along parts of the Macmillan Way and the Midshires Way, two long distance footpaths that cross on the walk.  The trail immediately descends the hill taking a path alongside some rather muddy fields.

Despite the muddy churned up appearance in this photo, the paths overall were surprisingly good. There were a few places where it did get very slippery and boggy but a good pair of walking boots and gaiters were fine.  The Little Brington Church Spire can be seen from various places around the walk. It is notable for only having a spire and no nave which was demolished after the war when it fell into disrepair.

There is some lovely countryside on the walk, sheep and cattle graze in the ancient ridge and furrow fields along the Midshires Way.

After a reasonably gentle ascent up to the top of Glassthorpe Hill (141.m), we are rewarded with a panoramic view westward. The panorama at the top the page was taken at the top of the hill.

The Trail cross the M1 on two occasions on the trail, first we went under it (above) and then later on we went over it. The peace and tranquility is broken at these points as you can imagine!

As we make our way back to the car we pass the Little Brington Church Spire that has accompanied us around the walk.

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