Oversley Trail Two

Name: Oversley Trail Two OTT
Caches: 41
Distance: 8.0 Miles
Location: Oversley Green, Warwickshire
Map: Link
First in Series: GC4VEVR
Livestock: Sheep, possible cattle in summer
Walked on: 11th January 2014
Weather: dry, sunny and cold!
Terrain: Footpaths and Bridleways some very muddy
Total Ascent: 594ft (several hills with great views short 10% incline)

Another early start today, leaving home in Swindon in the dark with Pip the geohound. I liked the look of this series and following a week of rain and terrible flooding, the weather was forecast to be dry and bright so I wanted to make the most of it. I arrived at the parking co-ordinates around nine o’clock, as I parked up the sun came out and remained sunny and bright for pretty much the rest of the day, with nice clear blue skies.

There were plenty of spaces to park safely at the side of the road in Oversely Green. Although bright and sunny it was also a chilly morning so I was pleased to have opted for putting on a few extra layers. This is a great series all the caches are 30ml camo tubes which were hidden to be found. This is a replacement to the original Oversley Trail which had been out for over five years, I hadn’t done that one so I was looking forward to walking this one.

The series is made up of two loops of approximately 4 miles each, it’s possible to do them individually or as one which is what we did. There is a couple of seats near no. 25 where we sat down for a break but would also make a good lunch spot. Some of the views from number 25 once you reach the top of the hill are beautiful, I’d recommend doing this series on a clear day to get the best from it.

The trail leaves from Oversley Green and does a complete loop around Oversley Wood along the Arden Way national trail. Just before it returns to the village we switched on to the second loop which took us up Primrose Hill along the Heart of England Way.

At the top of the hill we could see for miles before we began the descent along the farm track. At the bottom we reached no.27 and a good view of Oversley Castle. We continued along the paths to Wixford and then turned for the walk back to Oversley Green.

There are some very muddy sections, be prepared and enjoy getting dirty is my motto. I managed to negotiate them with walking boots and gaiters on, the geopole helped keep me upright on the slippery sections too. I walked both of the loops in around 4 hours and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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