North Hidden Revisited

Name: North Hidden Revisited
Caches: 16
Distance: 3.0 Miles
Location: Hungerford Newtown, Berkshire
Map: Link
First in Series: GC4WB49
Livestock: None
Walked on: 5th January 2014
Weather: dry, sunny but a little chilly!
Terrain: Footpaths and country lanes
Total Ascent: 200ft (flat walk, only one easy hill)

This was my first spot of geocaching of 2014,  I wasn’t expecting to get out this weekend due to the appalling weather and the need to do my tax return!  A check of my email revealed a new reasonably local series had just been published so I clicked onto Met Check and it looked like there could just be a break in the weather in the morning, the tax return will just have to wait again!  I got up reasonably early and I headed half hour up the M4. The series is located just off Junction 14 so it was easy to reach the parking spot.

Amazingly, as predicted the sun was shinning on a crisp Sunday morning. The series is only about 3 miles long and 16 caches so I was confident of getting around them all before the rain was due to come. I really enjoyed this  short walk along the footpaths and quiet country lanes around North Hidden Farm, it tool just over 1 1/2 hours at a comfortable pace.

There were some fine views at the start of the walk just up the road from the parking area.

The beautiful North Hidden Farm House with a little pond in the front garden.

One of the footpaths, it was a little frosty this morning.

The road section on the second half of the trail.

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