Brooks and Hills

Name: Brooks and Hills
Caches: 23
Distance: 6.0 Miles
Location: Box, Wiltshire
Map: Link
First in Series: GC4CMKZ
Livestock: Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Chickens
Walked on: 28th December 2013
Weather: dry and sunny
Terrain: Footpaths and a short country lane sections
Total Ascent: 1252 ft across 5 climbs ranging Grade 8.6% t0 16.9% (hilly)

View 360 Panorama of the view at Ditteridge

A truly fabulous series. I really enjoyed this series. 5 peaks with some breath taking views, definitely save this one for a fine clear day to appreciate it at it’s best. The trail is one of the harder terrains I’ve done for a while because of all hill climbs, 5 in total, so you need to reasonably fit to enjoy it. There is also quite a lot of potential for livestock encounters on the walk, including cattle, so be aware of if you have a geohound.

The walk starts from the village of Box in Wiltshire and goes on a circular route over hills and across brooks through the villages Ditterage and Colerne then back through Alcombe  to Box.  Much of Box Village and the surrounding area is a Conservation Area and falls within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

As we left Box we crossed the By Brook which was running very fast following a lot of rain. Immediately after crossing we encounter our first steep hill.

Once at the top of the hill we had some good views over Box and the surrounding area as well as Box railway tunnelBox Tunnel is one of Isambard Kingdom Brunels most impressive engineering achievements on the Great Western Railway. It was dug through Box Hill, and is one of the most significant structures on the Great Western Main Line.

There were five climbs, none of them were too long but they were quite steep. Going down was actually harder as the ground was wet, soft and slippery. On the way down this hill  I ended up on the floor – oops! The views around the walk were stunning.

The aptly named series brooks and hills encompassed 4 brooks and 5 hills, if I counted correctly.

At the end of the walk we took a slight detour into Box to find a Blind House cache. The Blind House was the village lock up, usually used to detain drunks overnight before they were taken in front of the magistrate. They don’t have any windows, so no light can get in hence they became known as Blind Houses.

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