Pinswell Loop

Name: Pinswell Loop
Caches: 14
Distance: 6.0 Miles
Location: Colesbourne, Gloucestershire
Map: Link
First in Series: GC4AW5D
Livestock: None
Walked on: 24th December 2013
Weather: dry, sunshine, windy
Terrain: Footpaths & Bridleways 85%, Country lanes 15%
Total Ascent: Hilly 846 ft

Twas the night before Christmas and the stockings all hung;
The presents all wrapped so time for some fun!

That’s about as poetic as I can get I’m afraid! It was Christmas Eve and both me and Mrs K9 Crew were finished at work, so we decided a good walk and a spot of geocaching. So we needed somewhere local and this series looked a good choice. We were not disappointed. This is a really great walk, the caches were easy to find (except for one dnf) and set out in some wonderful Cotswold countryside. The views around the walk were breath taking especially between 6 and 8. There were no stiles and it was safe for the dogs to run off lead for most of the walk, no livestock apart from some fenced off sheep at no.6. Definitely a series I’d recommend.

We were not sure where to park so picked a spot along one of the lanes in Colesbourne although we could have parked in the pub car park. The first cache was near to the River Churn, pictured above.  As you can see, it was bulging and almost bursting it’s banks.  From here the trail headed up hill passing a few cottages before opening out into the countryside.

It was a longish but manageable climb up the hill, passing Colesbourne Park and through Forty Acre Plantation. We were out today with all 4 dogs who had a great time running through the woods.

We continued the ascent where at the top of the hill is Norbury Hillfort from the Iron Age enclosing some 8 acres. There wasn’t really much to see of it but the views were magnificent.  After the hill-fort we had to go through a very muddy woodland section. A small stream had carved it’s way down the side of the path, washing away the mud to reveal the chalk underneath so we walked up it to keep our boots and paws a bit cleaner.

After a short walk along the road through the small hamlet of Upper Coberley, the trail started to turn south again, but first a steepish climb again onto a byway.

The climb was rewarded with some more magnificent views, we could see for miles around.  At the very top we stopped for a snack before beginning the descent. I love series where the views are as good as these.  The byway led us down the hill to Lower Cockleford, then through Cockleford Mill and from there we followed the River Churn back to our starting point.

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