Disc World

Name: Disc World
Caches: 23
Distance: 7.2 Miles
Location: Chute, Wiltshire
Map: Link
First in Series: GC4RDZV
Livestock: None
Walked on: 22nd December 2013
Weather: dry and sunny
Terrain: A mix of muddy and dry woodland tracks, bridleways and footpaths

This series takes you through the woodlands and countryside surrounding upper Chute. There is a excellent mix of caches from micro’s to some bigger regulars on this series and there has been some clever engineering done on several of them. There were some longish distances between some of the caches and I would have preferred a few more on a trail of this length, but on the plus side it gave me plenty of time to enjoy the countryside. It is clear to see that a lot of thought and effort has gone into the making of this series.  Be warned though, it is quite tough going in some places where it becomes very muddy and there are a couple of hilly sections. Neither of those things however spoiled the the enjoyment that I got from this series and it is definitely on my recommended list, but wear good boots!

The trail started from Upper Chute and took us a long a bridleway into Coldridge Wood. The dry stoney path soon turned into a typical forest trail through the bare trees.

Some of the tracks were very well made and nice and dry, like the one along Cowcommon Bottom!

The section between 8 and 9 were some of the worst that I’ve walked for some time, nothing less than a quagmire.  Pip sank up to her belly in this sea of mud.

The forest trails were complimented by some lovely open countryside with some fantastic views.

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