Foxhill Wander

Mountain Bikers at the start of the trail

Name: Foxhill Wander
Caches: 10
Distance: 3.7 Miles
Location: Foxhill, Wiltshire
Map: Link
First in Series: GC43ZJM
Livestock: None
Walked on: 15th December 2013
Weather: mist, light rain, windy, poor visibility
Terrain: mainly bridleway

It’s been another busy weekend and I had to cram in some more Christmas shopping, putting up the Christmas tree and collecting my son from University for the Christmas holiday. So I only had a little bit time for geocaching,  I decided to do a small linear series that is close to home.  The weather was forecast to rain by mid morning so I should have started earlier than I actually did, but I was a little tied from the previous days activities and decided on having a lay in!

So by the time I arrived at Foxhill it was looking a bit overcast, I was out with three of The K9 Crew, Pip, Tara and Fats, we left the car behind in a little parking area at the start of a byway and headed up hill to the first cache.

Poor visibility in the mist and rain

Once at the top of the hill it became very windy and as we walked along the top of Hinton Downs the mist began to creep in.  This is a simple series of 10 caches in a straight line from Foxhill up to the M4 so navigation was easy.  There isn’t very many places to hide caches so when the gps bleeped the location was quite obvious for most of the caches.

Left to right: Fats, Tara & Pip

I decided to find every other cache on the way out so that were some left to find on the way back, instead of having a long walk back with nothing to find.  On the way back we were walking into wind and mist turned into light rain and wasn’t very nice, I stopped to put on waterproofs but by this time I was quite damp.  Eventually back at the car with three damp dogs but none the less the weather didn’t get in the way of an enjoyable walk it just made it a bit more challenging!

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