Kingston Loop

Kingston Loop, 21 caches, 6.3 miles, Oxfordshire, Map

First in Series: GC4RBCP   Walked on: 8th December 2013

This series of 21 caches in Oxfordshire starts from the village of Kingston Bagpuize, so this is where I parked the car and began the walk. After finding the first cache, I got a little confused as to which way to go to get to no.2, which was quite a long distance on. Eventually I found my way through the village by following the arrow on my GPS and crossing over the busy A420.  Caches no.3 – no.7 took us along a farm track, one of the caches had blown out of it’s tree and into a nearby field. After passing the farm and continuing along the track a bit further, we turned on to a grass track and headed for Newbridge.

At Newbridge, we had to cross a busy road, but first we had walk along a short section of it, between traffic we hopped onto the grass verge that ran alongside.  There are a few caches in and around Newbridge for anyone looking for a few extra and don’t mind a short detour, but I was out today with Pip and Fats (after Fats Domino) two of my geohounds and Fats is getting old so I have to watch how far we go.

Caches no.10 – no.13 lead us along the south side of the Thames Path up to Appleton Lower Common, where the trail turned southward taking us around some fields where sheep were still out grazing, their shelter was a World War II bunker in the middle of the field.

There was a long section along an old farm track which took us through Fyfield, a lovely village made up of stone cottages, a large manor house and unusual 12th century church with an octagonal bell tower.  We then crossed back over the A42o and completed series by walking along a old road that presumably was once the main road through the village before the bypass was built.

This is a lovely circular walk mainly along farm tracks and through fields and surprisingly not very muddy either, a bonus through the winter. Although we didn’t come across any cows or cattle they clearly graze in several of the fields that we went through. The caches are all easy to find but in some sections they are well spaced out.

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