Geocaching in Turkey 2013

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to go to Turkey with a some of my muggle friends.  Before leaving home, I loaded up my GPS with a Turkish open source map and all the geocaches in the area, some of which had yet to be found!

Whilst most of the group were looking forward to some lazy days by the pool me and my buddy had no such plans!  We were going geocaching!

Day 1 – There were a few caches in and around the village, I picked out Sarigerme II as the first, it looked like it had a few interesting comments in the logs. The cache is on the side of a mountain which is behind a bar that is owned by a guy called Ali, whether or not this was his name I don’t know.  As we arrived at the bar, Ali appeared out of nowhere and accompanied us all the way up the the mountain to the cache, he didn’t seem to speak a word of English.  After finding the cache we had our photo taken with Ali and then returned to his bar for a drink before shaking hands and saying goodbye.

We then headed off to our 2nd cache, Hill Top Trap, another cache on top of a mountain, we didn’t really got the right attire for climbing rocks and ended up with scratches up our legs from the very sharp rocks and prickly thistles.  Once at the top we found a log book in a plastic bag so left a new container. The views across the ocean were just fantastic.

Day 2 – Another of muggle buddies joined us today and offered to do the driving for us.  Kara n Kierons Dalyan Trailer Trash was our first target, this had been published about 2 weeks earlier but had still not been found.  The trailer turned out to be a water supply to some houses and some how a pipe got dislodged during the search and could have flooded them out if I hadn’t jumped in to fixed it.  The search took a while before eventually I spotted it and claimed the FTF accolade.

A little further down the road and Kara n Kierons Road trip to Barcardi Beach G was the next cache. This involved a tricky and steep climb to get to the cache. The reward was a different kind of cache and some fantastic views of the ocean.

The final caches of the day were on Ituzu Beach, also known as the Turtle Beach because this is where Turtles call home and come back to lay their eggs on the long strip of beach.  there were several caches on the beach but we only had enough time to get two of them, Dalyan – Iztuzu Beach and Dalyan – Turtle Iztuzu Beach, great caches on a beautiful beach.

Day 3 – was a full group outing to Fethiye to have lunch at the Yacht Boutique where Daniel Craig stayed during the filming of the James Bond movie, Skyfall.  After lunch we took a walk down the road to find Kara N Kierons Fethiye Fountain, I stood back and allowed my muggle friends to hunt for this one and Rachel proudly found her first ever geocache. Afterwards we wandered down to the key-side and found Kieron n Karas Muggle Moorings. This was a tricky one due to all the amount of muggles in the area and my friends didn’t seem to understand the concept of stealth.

Day 4 – we went inland to Dalyan. The first cache of the day was Kara n Kierons Road trip to Barcardi Beach H which was located alongside the beautiful Sulungur Lake.

Our first cache in Dalyan town itself was Kara n Kierons Window Shopping in Dalyan. This was a Puzzle cache which required us to visit 3 or 4 shops around town to find bits of the co-ordinates stuck on shop windows.  Dalyan is is steeped in history, the town is positioned on the side of a river and overlooked by ancient Lycian Rock Tombs which are the last resting places of the Kings of Kaunos.

Our next cache Dalyan – River and Tombs was located at the bottom of the hill below one of the tombs in order to get to it we had to cross the Dalyan River in a small rowing boat, the current was strong and we really didn’t think we were going to make it across, of course we did!   After lunch we finished a great day off with  kieron n karas Dalyan delights series, Harbourview.

Day 5 – all six of us took a jeep safari. Our friends knew the tour guide and arranged for a private excursion. The beauty of going out in a 4×4 with one of the locals is that you get to go to places that you otherwise would not have been able to.  We tried to explain geocaching to Adnan, our driver but in the end it was easier just to show him.  The first cache, So very young was in a small cemetery on the side of the road, we weren’t sure if Adnan would find it disrespectful, but he was soon joining in the fun of the hunt.

We stopped for lunch at Cinar Restaurant, just outside it, on a bridge was Kara N Kierons “Yuvarky” Falls Bridge, which we duly found.

After lunch we continued on the safari, burning dust along the dry narrow and very bumpy tracks and a shallow river bed, where incidentally, the jeep got stuck and a couple of us had to decamp in order to lighten the load.

We finished an exhausting day by taking a trip up to the radar station on the top of a 550 metre-high hill overlooking Iztuzu Beach.  We were hoping to find 2 caches on the way up and a third at the very top. We found the first two Kara n Kierons Road Divert from Barcardi Beach E  and kara n kierons  radar hill 3 ‘FS’ pit stop without any problems, in fact we got an FTF on the latter. Unfortunately though, the cache at the top of the hill proved somewhat more difficult, in the end we had to give up. We weren’t disappointed though the panoramic views over the beach were simply incredible.

Day 5 – today we returned to Dalyan where there were still several caches to find. Just Mark and myself today.  First we returned to kieron n karas Dalyan delights series, tomb view to seek out a cache we dnf’d earlier in the week, this time armed with an extra clue we had got from the owner – success!

We walked along the waters edge and took a motor boat for 10 lira the short distance across the river to the mud baths, it wasn’t too long before we had Kara N Kierons Muddy MUD Fork in our sights but we had to use some stealth so as not to be spotted by the muggles on the boat. Another first to find for us here too in a lovely spot.  Around the corner was Keiron n Karas Dalyan Delights Turtle spotting where we lucky to see a large turtle in the middle of the river.

The next cache, Who left the tap on was a little tricky to get to, our path being blocked along the way and when we arrived at GZ it took over 10 minutes before we found it. We then had a long hot walk along the road to Sultan Palace Falls which was located above a dried up waterfall.

We then had a very long walk along the road, we thought we had found a short cut up the hill through the trees, it looked like a dried up river bed. The path was clear for a while then it became over grown and very steep. Eventually after many twists and turns and bushwhacking our way through the brambles, we rejoined the road and convinced ourselves that we had cut off a corner and saved a whole load of time, but we were hot, exhausted and scratched up.

From then on we kept to the road until we reached the path that led us around the old north wall with some incredible views.  Eventually we reached the cache Kara n Kieron HUT ON THE HILL. We walked back along the road and bought some fresh orange juice from a seller at the side of the before taking a rowing boat back across the river.

Day 6 – this was our final day of geocaching in Turkey, as it was the last day we were under orders to spend some time with our better halves, so we only had time for a single nearby cache, ROBINSONs lost chest. Following a long walk under the hot sun, we came into a cool dark cave.  After a short hunt using a torch and we found the cache and concluded a fantastic week of Geocaching in Turkey.

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