Blithfield Loop

Blithfield Loop, 19 caches, 6-7 Miles, Staffordshire

First in the series GC2MVA0 walked on 02/06/2013

This series begins and ends at a parking area beside the large Blithfield Reservoir and sets out across the long causeway which divides the water in to two halves and allows cars to cross over it. When I arrived on Sunday morning there were no other cars, it was a blustery start to the day and I nearly lost my hat as I walked along the causeway.After crossing the reservoir, we (Pip the geohound and me) headed up a hill along a busy road to the top where we could see huge chimneys belonging to Rugeley power station in the distance.  We walked around the rapeseed crops in the next couple of fields then through a paddock, home to a few friendly horses to join a country lane.

After a quiet stroll down the lane brought us to Stockwell Heath and a pleasant little village pond. From this point we picked up the Staffordshire Way which lead us towards the southern end of the reservoir.  Before heading downhill to the boat house in the corner, we enjoyed a great view over the huge water.

The next section of the walk required us to cross through a field containing several cows and an enormous bull complete with a gold ring through his nose! We crossed trough the field rather nervously giving them a wide berth, we had no other choice, but half way across Pip thought it would nice to have a paddle in the brook!

Keeping on the Staffs Way and under the dam, we continued all the way to Port Lane and then stayed on the narrow road all the way back to the parking area.  The sun was shinning by the time we arrived back at the car and it had turned into a nice afternoon which in turn had brought out quite a few muggles to this popular spot. As a little treat, I bought an ice cream from a mobile seller that had also turned up and sat beside the water to enjoy it.