Great Cotswold Walk – Quenington to Ablington

Great Cotswold Walk – Quenington to Ablington, 63 Caches, 9.6 Miles, Gloucestershire

Walked on 25/05/2013 First in Series: GC4AWN3

This new power trail is right on my door stop and I’ve been eager to hit the trail ever since it was published but I have been waiting for some decent weather.  It’s bank holiday weekend and the weather is looking fine.   The walk is a double figure of eight and breaks down into 3 separate walks if you prefer.  I decided to the largest loop, the one in the middle that starts from Quenington and goes to Ablington and back through Arlington.

Don’t worry, there aren’t too many cows, just a couple of fields on this loop, but these ones looked so content in the buttercup field lying down in the morning sun, so I had to put it as the first picture.

The walk out to Ablington took me through wide fields, along the Salt Way which is part road and part byway and along a long straight bridleway. Early on in the walk the trail passes through a couple of cow fields but these can easily be avoided without missing any caches.

Ablington is a great little village, it has a bus shelter with a notice board inside it and where the newspapers are delivered to in the morning. There is a small war memorial along the side of the road and a river than runs through the centre where dogs can enjoy a paddle.

The walk back has some of the best countryside of the part of the series, particularly the section along the River Coln that runs from Bibury and Coln St Aldwyns. I loved this loop, the caches come thick and fast through some glorious Cotswold countryside. There are some nice Cotswold stone cottages and stone walls along the walk too.  I was really lucky with the weather, it started out a bit cloudy and breezy but by mid morning it had warmed up into a very nice day.

Great Cotswold Walk Middle Section
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