The Third Ton

The Third Ton,  5.2 Miles, 20 Caches, Wiltshire

First in series: GC49KFQ Walked on: 19/05/2013

Suddenly last night the weather forecast suddenly changed and  was going to be fine weather and no rain as previously forecast. So, a quick look on the map and this series looked to fit the bill.  We headed out early just in case arriving at the ample Luckington church car park just before 9am.  A quick church micro bagged and we were soon out on the main trail.

The series is a sort of triangular shape, with villages in each corner.  From Luckington we head to Sherston, then onto Sopworth (with a small detour) and then back to Luckington. Apart from the very start and the end of this walk, the whole series takes you along country lanes. The country lanes were all very quiet and only a few cars passed us by on the whole walk.  Sherston is a lovely Cotswold village along the route, it has a river running through one end and a large church at the other and stone character buildings that line the streets.  The walk  can be linked with our TWO ‘TONS BY TARMAC series to make an 11 mile figure of eight walk.  The walk makes a nice change from the usual fields and footpaths that we usually walk and keeps the boots nice and clean!


The Third Ton
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