Colour Coded Caches

Colour Coded Caches, 6.4 miles, 24 Caches, Hampshire

First in series: GC4BBTX Walked on: 12/05/2013

Another rain dodging trip again today, rain forecasted from the west early afternoon, so headed east again and started early.  The colour coded cache series, seemed to fit the bill, I should be able to get around it in the dry.  I parked alongside the village cricket pitch in Penton, the pitch was looking in pretty good condition for the season ahead.  There was a nice village pond near the first cache and the start of the walk. After a gentle walk uphill to the first cache we crossed through a couple of fields into Horse Croft Copse, a lovely private woodland with a carpet of bluebells covering the floor.  We then took a path between two large fields that were home to several horses and their fouls, a very nice start to the walk.

Next we had to cross a very large field heading towards Appleshaw, the crops were beginning to grow and the farmer had kindly left a large strip unplanted to guide walkers across.  We cut through a large strip of pine woodland (Ragged Appleshaw) and then downhill and through the village along the main street. The only traffic around this morning was a lone horse and rider. We picked up a byway at the end of the village, the first section was a bit messy, it looks like there is some kind of scrap metal operation along here. Once past it, it was a pleasant walk between the trees with lots more bluebells on one side of the track.

At Soper’s Bottom we changed direction and headed uphill again, passing a nice cottage on top of the hill, we then descended the other side down a little lane passing the small St Margarets Chapel.  The next section was a bit tricky, the cache didn’t seem to be on a public footpath and I couldn’t find the right route for a short time.

A series of byways took us around to Penton Copse where I caught up with some other cachers coming the other way around the circuit.  After this we were soon back on to the road that brought us back into the village. On the way found a simple church micro multi cache.  Back at the car I tried to work out where the 4 bonus caches were located.  I made an error in the input and plotted one in the middle of an industrial estate, once I realised the error I drove around all 4 and found them all.  This is a nice 6 1/2 mile series, you collect co-ordinates for 4 bonus caches as you go around. The bonuses take you on another 1.5 mile walk or you can drive around.  There is no mention in the description about the extra walk for the bonus caches and I notice that not many people are going after them.

Colour Coded Caches

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