Alderley Amble

Alderley Amble, 3.3 Miles, 17 Caches, Cheshire

First in Series: GC47Y85 Walked on 06/05/2013

On the final day of my Bank Holiday weeekend caching trip I choose the short Alderley Amble series. A couple of hours caching before the long trip back to Wiltshire. Today was the warmest of the weekend, the sun was shinning and I was looking forward to the series.  I parked in a lay by as recommended and set off up the hill to the first cache. I soon realised how stiff my legs were from the mammoth 19 miles yesterday so I decided to Amble around these as the name suggests.

So up the hill we went, passing a nice white timber framed cottage and then through a green field and on to a wonderful cobbled path called Bradford Lane which I wasn’t expecting at all. Apparantly,  cartloads of heavy building stone once trundled over the cobbles on their way down from the quarry to Finlow Hill.

After a short walk down the lane and along the road we arrived at a large tree with a seat around it, needless to say there was a cache hidden somewhere in or around it! After a short search and a sit down to sign the log, we continued on our way. The trail took us through a nice meadow, with a stream and which was overlooked by the large village church. We then headed northwards through a few meadows with a few sheep and lambs, then through a small farm and around some fields eventually arriving on the outskirts of Alderley Edge.

At Alderley Edge we had a little up hill climb along a road with some very large and expensive looking properties. At the top of the hill, we cut through some footpaths along the back of the houses before heading back down hill through the countryside to finish the trail.  This is a lovely little series through some lovely countryside, as the name suggests, there is no need to rush this one.  Several of the caches were quite tricky but we found them all eventually. This series is on my recommended list, a nice one for an evening stroll.

Alderley Amble
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