Grandad John’s Home Challenge – South Loop

Grandad John’s Home Challenge – South Loop,  69 Caches, 12 Miles, Cheshire

First in Series: GC42B39  Walked on 04/05/2013

A few months ago I bought myself a small tent for some weekends away geocaching.  The May bank holiday weekend looked like it was going to be dry, even if it wasn’t going to brilliantly sunny. Grandad John’s Home Challenge was on my list of trails that I wanted to do.  I found Woodlands Park on UKCampsites and booked to into it in advance and o Saturday morning I drove 2 1/2 hours up to Cheshire from my home in Wiltshire. My plan was to do the southern loop on Saturday and the Longer nothern loop on Sunday.

I began the southern loop at number 56 near Boots Green and headed out west. This first section of the trail gave me a good view of giant Lovell telescope at the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre.At no. 68, the trail changed direction and took us northwards for 4 miles across various footpaths and quiet lanes to the main Chelford road.  On the way we walked through Foxwood Farm, where the Peover Eye river runs through and provided some refreshment for Pip whilst she took a paddle.

There were some very nicely ploughed fields  in the area, perfect straight lines and neat furrows.   We passed through a little village called Peaover Heath, sponsored by the sales of the book “Over Peover – a Cheshire Parish” which has apparently sold out now.  There was a great looking pub The Dog I mused at the name of it’s website!

We also passed a large Art Deco Water Tower tower in Moss Lane,  built in 1958 to supply water to the nearby villages. The water services have since been improved and is no longer used for the purposes of supplying water. However, the seven storey building is now listed as one of the most distinctive buildings in the area and now the council have an obligation to protect it.

It took us about 3 1/2 hours to reach the Chelford Road, which marked the half way mark. A short walk along this busy road and then we began the 6 mile trip southward leg. On the way back we passed through a small portion of the grounds of Radbrooke Hall, Barclays Bank Technology Centre.  By the time we had finished it was a nice warm sunny afternoon. The terrain was mainly flat and across a variety of footpaths and along some quiet lanes. We found 69 caches including a few extra ones, they were mainly micros as you would expect and very easy to find.

Grandad John’s Home Challenge South
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