Grafton Flyford

Grafton Flyford, 15 caches, 4 Miles, Worcestershire

First in Series: GC48326  Walked on: 20/04/2013

This was the second series of the day for Pip my Geohound and myself. After lunch we drove down the road a few miles and parked on the side of the road at the start of the trail.

After nice dry paths this morning this was the opposite. The bridleway at the start of the series began okay but soon became boggy and completely flooded in sections. Fortunately, another path is starting to develop higher up along the bank which made it passable.  I dnf’d on one cache along this path which after 15 minutes searching I couldn’t find so reluctantly joined one of several other cachers in the same boat.

The Trial soon joined up with the Wychavon Way taking us through a large field of sheep. There are two multi caches on this series the first was found along this stretch and caught us by surprise! The 5th and 6th caches took us through a paddock with a couple of horses and then some more sheep who were enjoying the sun with their lambs.Number 7 was the second multi which contained a puzzle that you had to crack to get the co-ords. I had accidentally found the first stage before number 5 but couldn’t work it out so chucked it back in the box and went off in a huff.  As I was walking back to it, the penny dropped and when I tried again I managed to work it out.

After a short road walk, we were back into the countryside at no.9 there was another cleverly hidden cache as was there at number 11.  More sheep country to navigate before passing through a field full of donkeys on the last stretch of the walk.  The last cache of the series was also a bit of a shocker!

This series took a lot longer to go around than usual, it is packed with a number of challenges along the route which did slow me down so leave a bit more time for it so that you can enjoy it. There was a fair amount of live stock, mainly sheep, no cattle though so Pip was on her lead for a large part of the walk. Good boots are a must, I think the first section will remain wet and boggy through the summer.

Grafton Flyford
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