Youthful Wanderings

Youthful Wanderings, 18 caches, 4.2 Miles, Wiltshire

First in series: GC44AXR Walked on 06/04/2013

Bill & Ben?

This is a series of 18 caches located around the are that billiethecat grew up and got into mischief, he takes us on a tour of his stomping grounds! A large verge at the side of the road provided ample parking for several cars.  The trail is a mix of quiet back roads and country paths and across a few fields.

This is lovely ramble. It has a good mixture of caches and terrain with some points of interesting along the way. None of the finds took very long to find as the clues were good and the co-ords spot on. I’m glad I came out this way today as it is feeling like spring for the first time at last.

Interesting things at New Farm

The first section from the parking spot was along the road heading towards a little place called Easton. At Easton we turned off the road and into a field passing a cow shed. I think that in a few weeks they will be out in these fields but for today we were safe to pass through.  At Thingley we were back onto the road with only the occasional car, in fact there were more horses to watch out for.

The trail took us southwards to “New Farm”, a large working farm which was a hive of activity. It was an interesting walk through the farm yard, first passing by some cows in a little paddock, pip was a bit scared but they were behind a fence and perfectly safe. There was also an old traction engine and some old lifting gear as well as some old train carriages.

The next section took us took us on a little loop, through some nice countryside, a woodland copse and over a railway and through a little farmstead with where some sheep were grazing, back under the railway and along a track back through the farm again.

From here we were heading home, we went through a few fields with a little stream running along the edge and providing refreshment for Pip, then a slight uphill road section before we got back to the car.

Youthful Wanderings
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