Rooknest, 5 Miles, 25 Caches, Lambourn, Berkshire

First in Series:  GC48M1F Walked on 02/04/2013

Looking back to Lambourn

Being on off work for a week I was hoping to get a bit of geocaching in, I had just returned from my Cambridgeshire Geocaching Expedition and was checking the trail map and my inbox for new series when I discovered a new series that had literally just been published! A chance then for some FTF’s at the same time and it wasn’t very far away. I downloaded the caches and prepared for an early start the next day.  I awoke to a nice bright sunny morning and although a bit chilly it really felt like spring had at last arrived after a long winter.  As soon as I reached the first cache and saw the empty log book I knew that I was in for a chance of several FTF’s.  The series is made of 23 Traditional caches, a multi cache and a bonus. The bonus requires good observation skills to spot a particular sign post, so printing off the picture is a good idea.

This is a great series, I think that you would be able cycle around most of it. After trekking across some very muddy fields this weekend I was amazed how totally dry the paths were around this series. I was pleased to get so many FTF’s. I haven’t had any for a while, just perfect timing for me. It was a fine day, a little cold but sunny and bright blue skies the whole way around. It seemed to take me a long time to get around, perhaps it was because there were no cachers trails to follow, or because many of the caches were quite well hidden and needed hunting out. The scenery around here is fabulous and I’d have no problem recommending this series to other cachers.

Dance's Cottage

There was plenty of roadside parking just down the road from the first cache just as detailed by the CO. The trail began at Lambourn, a lovely village, dominated by racehorse stables.  I love the countryside around here the views can be lovely providing fine walks on a nice day. The CO has warned about muddy footpaths but following a spate of dry weather the paths today were perfect, even when we had to cross a plouhged field.

From Lambourn, we followed the route of the River Lambourn for a short way before turning onto a chalk byway and heading up hill to Thornhill Copse which sat on the top, then down the other side after taking in the views at the top.  At the bottom of Thornhill copse we crossed over a field and joined another byway known as stony lane. The caches along here were very tricky no.9 took an age to locate and I dnf’d on no.10 despite extensive searching.  A bit further along the track as we approached Rooknest, there was some interesting wildlife to watch, first a few Alpaca and then a herd of deer.  The trail includes a bonus and a multi cache. At this point we had to work out the co-ords for the multi cache which I did but could not get near the cache due to local muggles standing beside it.


So from Rooknest we passed the grand manor house and skirted around the deer park (fenced) and then through the disused airfield to the B4000 then almost doubled back on ourselves to go back up the hill and around Great Noakes Copse passing Dance’s Cottage a lovely thatched dwelling in the middle of the woods.  Continuing our journey then through Giffords Copse, up the hill through Boldstart Copse to the top of Coppington Hill, from where there was a great view over the fields below leading back to the village.  I had to wait for a group of walkers to pass by before I could complete the last few caches on the way back into the village.

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