Woolley Mamouth Series

Woolley Mamouth, 60+ Caches, 10 Miles, Cambridgeshire

First in series: GC40W16 Walked on 31/03/2013

Day 3 and the final day of the Cambridgeshire Easter Expedition!  Another Full English breakfast before leaving the B&B. I could walk from the B&B to the first cache so agreed to check out and pick my car up later.

2 minutes down the road and I had already found the 1st of the series. The first part of the trail took me across some flat farmland terrain towards Spaldwick where we had visited the day before.  There had been a hard frost overnight so the ground was much harder which made it much easier across the fields. The first part of the walk was quite straight forward, eventually we reached Belton Hill, then we had to walk down the road before crossing over the busy A14 and heading through Spaldwick, this time entering from the otherside.

As we left Spaldwick along the Three Shires Way the sun came out.  We headed towards Easton, a little village that we had passed through Yesterday on the S2E2 series, today we veered off just before it.  The paths along this stretch were in the main nice a dry and easy going.

Watch out

From Easton, we took a footpath southwards towards West Wood, this stretch was completely exposed and when the wind blew it was biting!  The first bit of the path took us along a concreted track to an old farm building out in the middle of nowhere. The concrete path soon turned into a muddy field which clogged up my boots making heavy going.  When we reached the other side there was a big sign on the bridge warning about vermin poison, so I kept Pip on her lead until we had completely navigated our way past the northern side of West Woods.  Inside the wood were clay rat traps, no doubt containing the poison, we saw a couple as we searched out the caches.

Once past West Wood we came to a road leading to Ellington, we walk along this road for a short way to pick up another footpath which took us right into the village crossing over with the S2E2 series at the church.  I had to follow my nose to navigate through the village but we eventually found the path that lead us across the A14 again.

Pip resting before the hill

From the A14, we were on the final leg of the trail, but first we need to go up and over a small hill on the way but it was worth it, there were some very nice views and it wasn’t long after that we could see the car in the distance. As we crossed through the last few fields, I spotted a small herd of deer underneath one of the huge electricity pylons.

At 02:23pm I found the last cache of the series and as I signed the log book, Pip went for a swim.. brrr!  The series took about 5 1/2 hours which is what I expected. It was a nice series to finish the weekend off. It is a mainly flat walk and all the caches are easy to find. Although it was cloudy most of the way around, it was better than the previous day and no snow flurries.

Woolley Mamouth

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