White Ladies Aston Meander

White Ladies Aston Meander, 3.2 Miles, 12 Caches, Worcestershire, Map

Edward's Bridge
Edward's Bridge

Having completed the Sneachill Ramble in the morning, after lunch I drove a short way down the road to the White Ladies Ashton. By midday the sun was shinning and it had turned into a lovely spring like afternoon. The parking co-ords brought me to the end of a road with a big red “ROAD CLOSED” sign! Fortunately the path we needed to take ran parallel to the closed road, although I did miss the gate entrance!

The walk starts off outside the village centre and takes a footpath alongside Edward’s Lane to the ford at Edward’s Bridge.  Ford may be a stretch at the moment, it seemed more like a river! From here we walked across the meadow up to Aston Court Farm, the last section of the footpath was flooded but it was easy enough to navigate around through the adjacent field.  The trail then crosses through the village and heads out westwards to Lowhill Covert then turns northward to begin the return leg of the trail.

This is a fantastic little series with some very ingenious hides,  I awarded 5 of them a  favorite points. It’s a nice walk and good to see the fields drying out a bit.  I wouldn’t have any hesitation recommending this series to fellow cachers.

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White Ladies Aston

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