Red Barn Series

Red Barn, 21 caches, 5.5 Miles, Lambourn, Berkshire, Map

The Red Barn
The Red Barn

Due to atrocious weather last week, I didn’t get out of the house to do any caching. So with the weather forecast looking good this weekend, I decided to get an early start on Sunday and get a couple of series in.  A new series called Red Barn has recently been published, 21 caches over 5.5 miles and quite near to home.  I drove through the fog to Lambourn in Berkshire, “The Valley of Racehorse” home to 2000 racehorses and 50 racing yards.  I parked on the Oxford Road just outside of the village centre and as I got out of the car a sculpture of Thomas Attwood, Birmingham’s first MP and reformer looked down on me from above, a little bit odd.The Red Barn series, takes you from Lambourn, over the downs to Eastbury Grange, along a byway up to the Red Barn and then returns to Lambourn. There are 3 or 4 caches to be collected along the roadside on the way to the start of the Red Barn Series. Collecting the bonus clues along the way will enable you to find the bonus cache at the end of the series. Just remember to look for them, not like me who only remembered half way around, but I still managed to get enough to have a guess at the missing numbers and find it.

The Cache Owner has seen lots of wildlife along the route over the years but today it was so foggy it was hard to see anything! The byways were heavily rutted from over use of 4×4’s and in places muddy but there were still plenty of places to walk without getting too muddy and in fact we stayed remarkably clean.  I would imaging on a nice clear day you will get some nice views over the Lambourn downs but unfortunately not today. However, this makes for a pleasant mornings geocaching, especially as though I found my 6,000th cache on the way around.

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Red Barn

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