Two Tons By Tarmac

Two Tons By Tarmac, 4.3 miles, 17 Caches, Wiltshire, map

Tricky conditions

All the snow last weekend prevented me from doing any geocaching and I thought that it may be the same this weekend too. Suddenly though, after a cold week, the thaw began on Friday and with rain overnight, conditions were good enough to get out again, even the sun was shinning.   I thought that I would check out the Two Tons By Tarmac, a 4 mile circular walk through the villages of Alderton and Luckington. The series was set up because the CO was fed up of dragging through sodden fields and trudging along muddy footpaths during the summer of 2012, well it has rained even more since then!

Following advice on the cache pages, I started the series from Luckingham at no. 6 because the verges at no.1 were a bit boggy. I actually thought that this was a better place to start, it is a lovely village with plenty of parking and a village store for essential supplies. Before commencing the series, there was opportunity to pick up a Blind House cache.

So the trail is set out along roads as the title of the series suggests. Most of the roads however are quiet back lanes with very little traffic. I enjoyed the walk, there were plenty points of interest along the way and some nice countryside. There is a nice variety of caches along the series and a lot of thought has gone into them.

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Two Tons by Tarmac
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