Grittleton Gambol

Grittleton Gambol, 3.6 miles, 12 caches, Wiltshire, map

Coming back into the village

This series which starts from the little village of Grittleton is a circular walk consisting of 12 caches. There are three sections, the first is through fields along country footpaths.  It would seem that in winter some of the fields are very muddy fields! I decided to take a long walk around the edges in an attempt not to get too clogged up with mud!  The second section took us along the the very straight Roman Road known as the Fosse Way, it is now a byway. It was a mix of slush and snow (and puddles), but it was much easier to navigate than crossing through the muddy and flooded fields at the start of the walk.  As we progressed along the byway, the rumble of the M4 got louder and louder.  The third and final section brought us back to the village along a back road, fortunately it doesn’t appear that many cars use it.   Coming back into the village, we got a good view of the church and school. This is a simple little series that only took a couple of hours to do, but good boots are essential at this time of year.

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Gritteton Gambol
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