Melksham to Lacock and Back

Melksham to Lacock and Back, 20 + caches, 8 miles, Wiltshire, Map

Pip stands in a muddy field

A grey, misty day perhaps, but it was dry, well I mean it wasn’t raining so I chose the Melksham to Lacock and Back series to do today.  In the current conditions this series of 20 caches was quite a challenge, very wet and muddy underfoot.

The trail does what it says on the tin! It is an 8 mile round trip from Melksham to Lacock and back. Don’t get mislead by the title, this is a circular loop not a straight there and back trail. The first part of the trail was across slightly easier terrain. We left Melksham and headed out across country, the first field was pure mud, but then we made our way across grass fields to the National Trust village of Lacock. The fields were very waterlogged but were passable, good boots and gaiters are essential on this series.

If you have not visited the area before, then there will be another eight or so caches that you could pick up on the way, mainly at Lacock.  As I had already found these on previous trips, I had a short section through the village without any finds.

The terrain on the return journey was more challenging and I fear in the late summer, when crops are growing high, it could add to it.  Whereas it appeared that the fields on the outward leg were mainly used for grazing, it seems that the fields on the return leg are mainly used for arable.  There was a great deal of evidence how unfortunate the farmers were last year. Fields of corn lay unharvested and rotting in the mud. A short section will test your navigation skills where the sign posting is non existent and some of the foot paths are in danger of being lost, so more cachers need to do this series! The caches however are placed in good locations and such that if you follow the arrow to them you can easily navigate your way around.

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Melksham to Lacock & Back
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