Ravens Walk

Ravens Walk, 10 caches, 4.1 miles, Wiltshire, Map

Mosaic at the Roman Villa

This series of 10 caches takes you around a very historic area, it starts from the Saxon town of Ramsbury in Wiltshire. Ravens Walk as it is called is named after one Saxon leader Hraefn(Raven).  We had planned to take all the dogs on this walk on New Years Day but too much alcohol and a late night required us to postpone it until today.  We took out all the dogs on this geocaching trip which is a rarity but I knew that it was going to be a great walk for them as I have walked around this area in the past.

There is not much room for parking at the start of the trail, just about room for two cars, you could probably park in the town centre and start the walk from there if need be.  There is also a little car park in the grounds of the Littlecote park but it wasn’t clear if this was for hotel residents or the general public.

The walk begins from Ramsbury and heads up hill towards park coppice, on the way up the hill there are three caches in the “Is it Safe?” series, the first 2 being traditional caches with clues to the final, which has a twist!. This series takes you to the top of the hill and into Littlecote Park through a coppice. There was some game shooting going on on the day that we visited, it sounded quite close but I’m sure it was a safe distance away.  There is a decent series of paths that lead you down the hill and eventually brings you out to Littlecote House, an impressively large Elizabethan house, now a hotel. The CO of the series gives a good summary of the history of the house and location in one of the cache page descriptions.

About half way around the walk, there is a Wherigo cache. This adventure is an inspired addition to the series as it takes you on a visit to the remains of a roman villa and mosaic which has been discovered in the park.  It was originally discovered in 1727 but reburied and thought lost until it was rediscovered in 1976. A long term project to restore and reconstruct the mosaic was completed in the early 90’s and can be visited free of charge on this series. This was my first ever wherigo and I managed to complete it and find the cache.

A great little series, one that I’d recommend and if you don’t have a gps that plays Wherigo you can download an App for your phone.

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Ravens Walk

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