Ground Control to Major Tom

Ground Control to Major Tom, 11 caches with bonus, Gloucestershire, Map

A stile with style!

Christmas, love it as we do, especially if Santa brings us nice new toys, has a habit of getting in the way of my geocaching at this time of year. So, with most of the the shopping done and the decorations put up, I had an opportunity on Sunday get out again for a short while. Following more rain, the weather was looking much brighter and dryer this weekend. I decided to head for some higher ground where it would be less sodden underfoot and this trail, which I had been meaning to do for quite some time now seemed fit the bill. I’m amazed that so few people have visited this series. I can only think that it is down to the fact that over the 7 mile route there is only 13 possible caches to be found.

The trail, starts and finishes  from Stump’s Cross, Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds.  This circular walk, takes in the villages of Taddington, Cutsdean and Ford, it crosses some wonderful countryside and passes along the edge of a couple of Cotswold stone quarries. This series may not be be all about the numbers but is a  really great walk and one I thoroughly enjoyed. More people should do this series.

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Ground Control to Major Tom
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