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Beacon, Burton Dassett

This series is named after classic bikes of the 50’s and 60’s, there are 26 caches in the series but with several other caches along the walk and the return section overlapping with the adjacent Mushroom Trail, there is a possible 32 caches up for grabs. Unfortunately, I had 6 dnf’s this weekend doing the trail so I managed to bag 26 of them.  The trail at this time of year (November) is extremely hard going, with lots of ploughed up muddy fields to contend with. crossing each one my boots gradually got heavier and heavier as the mud stuck on more and more. Then if that wasn’t enough, then came the hills to zap any remaining energy I had.

However, throughout the walk I was rewarded with some magnificent views over the Warwickshire countryside. Then at the end of the series and just before we joined the mushroom trail on the way back, there was a steep climb up the Burton Hills where on the top sits Beacon Tower dating back, it is thought to the 15th Century.

The Tower itself is made out of Ironstone and there are visible remains of the ironstone quarrying all around it. The simple conical shaped tower is now a grade 2 listed building but unfortunately all the doors and windows have been blocked up now. It is thought that it was once tower mill and then converted to a look out tower.

Whilst looking it up on Google I found an old photo showing an old post windmill beside it, I also found another photo showing the wreckage of the wooden post mill destroyed in a storm in 1946.

Windmill & Beacon, Burton Dassett

By the time I got back to the car it was dark and cold and I felt sorry for the hikers who were about to walk through the night on the tour de trig! A nice cup of coffee in the car soon warmed me up before I began the long drive home.  This is most definitely a a challenging walk but also one that is very satisfying once you complete it.

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