Meon Hill & CFTCH Series

Meon Hill & Cure For The Common Hangover, 13 Miles, 35 Caches, Map

Heading towards Meon Hill

We were blessed with another fine autumn day, it was forecast to be fine, warm and sunny all day, the second weekend in a row. So I thought I’d make the most of this fine weather and combine the “Meon Hill” (7 miles & 22 caches) series “The Cure for The Common Hangover” (10 caches, 6 miles) series which would make a total distance of around 12 – 13 miles. I planned the route to do the first 19 caches on the Meon Hill series in order, then switch on to TCFTCH series completing the whole of this series before finishing the last three on the Meon Hill series. This meant that if for any reason, mainly time or fatigue, I didn’t think I could complete the whole walk, I could easily finish the Meon Hill series off and return to the car.

The drive up to Mickleton was very pleasant, the sun was shinning and the autumn colours on the trees looked beautiful. The walk started next to the church in Mickleton Village in Gloucester on the border of Warwickshire. A quick Phone Box Cache first then a walk through the charming village to get out into the countryside and the first view of Meon Hill.

Meon Hill was the scene of the so called witchcraft murder of Charles Walton in 1945, you can read more here but I suggest you do so after the walk!! All I can say is that I’m glad I got home before dark having read this story!

The trail left Mickleton along the Heart of England Way through farmland and then around the bottom of Meon Hill it then picks up the Monach’s Way at Hidcote Manor (National Trust Garden). It is at this point that we switched series and headed up hill to join “The Cure For The Common Hangover” series. The first in the series is at the Top of Ebrington Hill near the huge transmitter station, 261ft above sea level so as you can imagine the views up here were fantastic.

It was then down hill firstly along a road then picking up the “Diamond Way”, resting for lunch on a seat near to one of the caches whilst enjoying the afternoon sun.

From this point the going got decidedly tougher, firstly through long wet grass, then navigating an electric fence, muddy, ploughed up fields, watery bridleways and footpaths. At Micklton Hills Farm, we turned and began the return leg of our journey rejoining the “Heart of England Way” along Bakers Hill then up a killer of a hill through Kiftsgate Court. This is where we rejoined the Meon Hill series and thankfully it was downhill all the way back to the car picking up the last two caches on the way, well three actually because at one of them there was mysteriously two caches. We reached the car just before the sun went down, totally exhausted extremely muddy and very happy that we completed both series in the day. We had a great caching trip, but by the end my legs were well and truly burning after hiking across some pretty hilly terrain.

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Meon Hill & TCFTCH
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