Cirencester Trail

Cirencester Trail, 13 caches, 5 Miles, Gloucestershire, map

Cotswold Stone Wall

I only had a few hours to spare today so needed to stay local, having done all my local series I found 14 caches near Cirencester that formed a trail of about 6 miles.

Despite all the puddles and all the mud which is par for the course at this time of year. At least it stayed dry for the walk and at times there was even some sunshine. Some of the caches were a little quite tricky to find but I got them all in the end. Well except one, which I could see but did not attempt as it would have resulted in me getting wet and very dirty so I left that one.

The walk was ideal for Pip my geodog as she could run off lead most of the way around. The route I took was mainly along farm tracks, some being in better condition than others and some sections completely flooded but I was able to get along them with a bit of careful footing. Overall though, an enjoyable few hours caching.

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Cirencester Geocache Trail

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