Cheltenham Circular Caching Challenge

Chelthenham Circular Caching Challenge, 100+ Caches, 26 Miles, Gloucestershire

Cheltenham Racecourse and start of the trail

Devised by Cheltenham Borough Council, the Cheltenham Circular Walk follows a route of approx 26 miles and gives wonderful views of the Cotswolds escarpment. The walk starts and ends at Pittville Park and passes Cheltenham Racecourse and Dowdeswell Reservoir. In September I attempted the first 70 caches and had a fantastic very “full” days caching only just getting back to the car before sundown. This long distance walk is quite challenging in terms of the hills you have to climb but is also rewarded with incredible views at the top of Ravensgate Hill along the Cotswold Way. Highly recommended.

Knowing that I wouldn’t have time to complete the whole trail in a single day, I parked my car in a lay by at Badgeworth which was between cache 71 & 72, then my wife drove me the start of the series at the racecourse, she was competing with our dogs in an agility show there. According the route plan that should have been about 14.5 miles, the gps at the end of the day recorded 17.8miles!

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Chelthenham Circular Caching Challenge
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