Zider Zeries

Zider Zeries, 20 Caches, 4 miles, Ashwick Somerset

It’s been quite sometime since I updated this blog, it’s not that I haven’t been out geocaching, quite the opposite in fact, I’ve had a fabulously busy summer and now I have a bit of catching up to do, starting with the Zider Zeries which I did in September. This was a great series and one that I enjoyed a great deal. It has a variety of terrain, from quiet back lanes, fields, open countryside views, woods and the nature reserve which resembled a jungle with it’s moss covered trees, huge rock formations and historic relics and waterfalls.

Keeper's Cottage

The caches were well placed and good locations so as not to cause problems with muggles, the caches along the lanes were positioned so that you could step aside and not worry about cars coming along. Overall a great morning’s caching trip and one I’d recommend. http://coord.info/GC3KVQM

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