Westbury Wandering

Westbury Wandering, 7 Miles, 34 Caches, Wiltshire, Map

Completed 9th September 2012

Westbury White Horse

This is a series of 31 caches with a few extras along the way, it starts and finishes near the Westbury Whitehorse.  There was a great view of the White Horse from the car park at the start of the walk.  It was a nice warm Sunday morning as Pip and I began the trail. The first section lead to the village of Bratton along some pretty easy going paths and in sight of the White Horse for part of the way.  As I passed a farmstead, I noticed a sign advertising “Alpaca Poo For Sale”! I peered over the fence to have a look at them but got a bit of a surprise when the resident dog jumped up at the fence and began barking rather loudly, we left swiftly and continued on our way.

The trail took us through the lovely village of Bratton. We passed an impressive red Tudor thatched house that occupied a prominent spot on a corner of the main road.  From Bratton we headed North East along the back lanes towards Dunne. There were several cyclist and joggers along this section so I had to keep one eye open for them as I hunted for the geocaches placed alongside the road.

The trail joined the “White Horse Way”. This is a long distance path and I was surprised that it wasn’t better made than it was. At one point we had to cross a field that had been recently plough, so I decided to walk around the edge of it rather than try and cross it.

After Dunne, we had to go through a few fields with cows with their calves. Pip was with me so I was a little wary of potential trouble but we crossed safely and without incident, thankfully.  Once past the cows, we then had to contend with some long grass, made tougher by an uphill climb. Once at the top though the White horse came back in view and we could see the tall chimney from the cement works.

When we reached Heywood, the footpath went through a back garden of the oddly named “No Wind Farm” which felt a little odd. There was a cache located on the stile as we left the garden. The owner was pottering about in the garden so we had to use stealth.  The last part of the walk took us through some fields and then onto a tarmac path where there were a couple of blackberry pickers.  This was a very enjoyable series on a lovely sunny morning.  It great to keep spotting the White Horse from different places around the series.

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Westbury Wandering

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