Tytherington Triangle

Tytherington Triangle, 16 caches, 5 Miles, Avon, Map

Old Lime Kiln

The description of the series reads…. “Tytherington is situated in South Gloucestershire, near Thornbury. It was designated as a conservation area in 1975. It is widely known for its limestone quarries and there are several disused ones around the village. The village retains much of its rural character enhanced by its setting of wooded slopes and vistas across the open countryside and is the ideal place for a spot of caching!”

Well it sounded so good that I had to check it out whilst I was in the area.

I parked at the recommended spot on the lane then walked back along it passing the Lime Kilm in the picture above. Then over an old stone slab stile and towards Jone’s Wood, avoiding the long grass in an attempt to keep trousers dry!   There were a few sheep and cows in the next few fields, I first encountered some youngsters who decided to wander over to me so I made a quick exit only to meet up with some older cows who weren’t interested at all. Good really, as they were packing a ton or two!

It was a bit of a slog up Tytherington Hill through some long grass but at the top there was a fabulous view point with a seat for those who had time to sit and ponder. It was a bit of a grey afternoon so no one was about.  Some steep steps lead me down from the hill to the village and then through it passing by it’s large church at the centre.

The trail turned into a farm and along a concrete track, on the side was some old machinery that was no longer in use. Judging by the state of the track, cows pass along here frequently, if you know what I mean, so I kept moving quickly to avoid confrontation.

Just before Itchington, the trail turned back on itself but this time taking me along a muddy bridleway and some how I missed a path and ended up on a farm track again.  On the way back I worked out the co-ordinates to final cache, it appears that some before me had worked out the location without solving the puzzle but I admit to finding it the old fashioned way.

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Tytherington Triangle

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